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Exploited Black Teens Compilation

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Eleanor Holmes Norton, D. In the letter, they called on Sessions and Comey to "devote the resources necessary to determine whether these developments are an anomaly or whether they are indicative of an underlying trend that must be addressed. Call MissingPerson pic.

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Statistics provided by the department indicate that so far inroughly juvenile missing person cases have been opened per month — slightly less than the department's monthly average over the past five years. These statistics did not offer a breakdown of demographics. Authorities instead contend that the public perception of an increase is actually a product of their more dedicated push to publicize these cases. As the Washington Post notesthe department recently began "tweeting the name and photo of every missing person in the city whose case is deemed 'critical.

We also see significant numbers of runaway children who are running away from a situation, reens it's abuse or neglect or sexual abuse in the home. These children face unique risks when they're gone so we applaud the conversation and we applaud the attention that this issue is blacj given. According to the FBI's crime statistics fornearly 37 percent of all missing persons under 18 in the U. She knew too much about the predators who prey on black children when no one is watching and she made it her mission to protect us as best she could. But she never called our all-white local police department for help. It was the s and maybe she feared that police would look at our mostly black neighborhood and stereotype her as just another irresponsible single black mother.

It wouldn't matter that her kids were just doing what all healthy teenagers do, testing the limits of their freedom, challenging authority.

Run exploited black Young arounds teens

Read More We understood early the lesson that it was best for black folks to try to take care of their own — an attitude that hasn't evolved much, some 30 years later. Today, the Congressional Caucus on Black Women and Girls, led by a group of Black congresswomen, is trying to do just that: Lawmakers to host town hall on missing black girls According to the Black and Missing Foundation, 64, black women and girls were missing nationwide in And it took just one caring black woman to finally ring the alarm. Social media responded with outrage that not enough was being done to find the children by law enforcement or media outlets, who often cover stories of missing white children.

Answering Dickerson's call, the group of congresswomen has taken the lead in a national conversation about the crisis of America's missing black and Hispanic children, demanding that the FBI and Justice Department immediately dedicate funds and commit to policies that will address the problem. Dickerson's hashtag tapped into a frustration that is real and a situation that is bleak.

The caucus is asking: Are these children the victims of sex traffickers, or are there other factors at work? The group will host a town hall discussion this month between lawmakers, law enforcement and justice department officials, and child advocate groups. The importance of this conversation cannot be overstated. It is long overdue. The protection and safety of black and brown children is not the responsibility of law enforcement or government alone — though absolutely stronger policies and communication are needed to make sure these children are not ignored and written off as "troubled runaways" hardly worthy of an Amber Alert when panicked families report them missing.

In our own communities, schools and churches, we all have to address this crisis. What is our role in keeping our children safe, in truly being our brother's keeper?

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