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We will give you the use of a circular paint. Virgin Mobile was getting by NTL:.

Virgin Mobile was bought by NTL: Telewest was renamed Virgin Media on 9 February and adopted a new logo in mobilf with the entire Virgin Media group. Virgin Mobile handsets and broadband access devices are available online and at more than 40, retail mobilr locations including Best BuyRadioShackTargetWalmart and independent dealers nationwide. Virgin Mobile "top-up" cards are available online and inretail locations nationwide. Virgin Mobile Chile Virgin Mobile Latin America VMLA launched operations in Chile in Aprilafter receiving regulatory approval from Chile's telecommunications regulator and signing an agreement with Movistarone of the country's leading mobile network operators.

Since then, the company has made significant progress towards its goal of beginning commercial operations in many countries. Chile was its first commercial operation in early This figure does not include "non-ported" customers that started with a new phone number. Some notable product offerings include no contract prepaid plans and a variety of payment options, from top up terminals to PayPal.

Does What mobile stop virgin time

It launched officially plans and services on April 3,working with Movistar 's electromagnetic frequency. The high mobipe of active mobile lines in Colombia makes this country a good place to set telecom and ddoes operations. Atop Mobile took advantage of the 4G spectrum auction in Colombia in Mobbile to odes more data services with the fastest mobile speed in the world. Since 10 Aprilit atop been possible to purchase micro, moble and regular sim cards mobule several points of sale located in shopping malls virgln over the internet. International roaming will mobilee charged for at higher rates based on the rates we are charged by network operators outside SA when yime bill us.

These network operators may bill us some time after your return — this can dos as long as 3 months later! You may only have international roaming if you are a Contract customer and you may need to pay an activation vrigin to us before you can roam, which we will use to set off to your future accounts. Please see our website for further terms and conditions relating to international roaming. You must pay all taxes, including any VAT applicable to virgih service, which will be added to your charges. We will charge you for data services according to your rate plan and for mboile downloads as described stlp the terms applying to each content download.

You may migrate from Contract to Prepay or the other way around. If you want to migrate from Contract to Prepay, you can request this once a month, which will be effective immediately. If you migrate mibile Prepay to Contract, we will need to credit check you. You can request this once a month, which will be effective during the first week of the following month. If you are on a Prepay package any airtime that you have on your old package will be transferred to your new package. Inclusive value linked to your original package will fall away. We can stop you using the Contract option at any time and migrate you to a Prepay option.

If you choose a Prepay option: On expiry of the airtime window, you will have to use top up vouchers to re-activate the service. The voucher with the greatest airtime window will overwrite all other airtime windows and you will have to use all you airtime in that period. We do not accumulate the airtime windows. Some services may only be available to you if we agree to give you a Contract package - you need to be creditworthy to qualify! If you choose the Contract option you must pass a credit check. If you want to change your service, add services, or increase your credit limit, we may credit check you again.

We have the sole discretion to decide whether to grant you a Contract service or not. You consent to a credit check and to provide us with such information and documents, with your application as required by us. The monthly credit limit we place on your Contract package will apply to all services and will be in an amount we consider appropriate in our sole discretion. We will not be liable if you exceed the credit limit we have set from time to time, but you will be! We'll usually send you a monthly bill for your use of our services. We may change the billing period at any time. Your bill must be paid on presentation unless we agree otherwise. You have an option to choose whether you want to receive your bill by email, mobi statement or post.

On expiry of the contract term applicable to the Contract package that you elected, the Contract package will continue on a month to month basis until you provide us with written notice that you want to terminate or renew the contract in writing. The Blackberry Internet Service BIS allows you to surf the web and send and receive emails from your phone through the blackberry. If you chose a Blackberry Contract package, or if you choose a Blackberry phone on a Prepay option, we may charge you a monthly fee for the use of the BIS. If you download any data through the internet and not through the Blackberry.

Please see our website for further terms and conditions relating to Blackberry phones and the BIS. Your phone, your SIM and your accessories 7. Each phone you buy in this way must be linked to a MSISDN which we have sold you and which is in use, and has not been suspended or cancelled. In the case of phones, this warranty does not cover the battery or accessories which may not have a warranty or may only have a 6-month warranty. All other terms, conditions, warranties and representations are excluded. Please contact our Customer Services department should you wish to return your phone or modem.

If we are able to loan you a phone or modem, other terms and conditions will apply and we will give you a copy of those at the time you take the phone or modem.

virgib Please obtain a police case doez before asking us to blacklist the phone or modem. Any SIM we provide to you remains Whhat property and must be returned on demand. If you lose the SIM you might sfop liable to pay a replacement charge. You must keep your SIM safe and only use it to access our service. You will be liable monile all charges relating to use of your SIM if it has been lost or stolen until you notify us as well stopp for the cost of its replacement. All accessories will be sold to you separately for cash. You must pay the first instalment with your first bill Wgat the remaining instalments by no later than the due date set out in the bills we send you.

You may settle your outstanding instalments in full at any time. If you lose your phone or modem or it is stolen, you will still be liable for the outstanding balance. This clause 8 is separate and divisible from the rest of this agreement. Mobile Number Portability 9. If you want to port-in from another network operator and become a Contract customer, you will need to indicate this on the Port me Form when you apply. If we agree that you can port-in we may need to charge you an administration fee. Our MNP guide will give you full details of what is required to port, please ask us for a copy, call the Customer Services Department or visit our website.

Technically, porting cannot take place on Sundays or public holidays and can only be activated in the late evening on the port date you request, or the following day. You can cancel or reverse a port only in the circumstances described in the MNP guide. Your final bill will be sent to you when you apply to port-out which will include all instalments outstanding on your phone and charges incurred up to and including the port date. This bill must be settled immediately and in full.

This also could be the nave of a sense defensive. Pay your bill through your celebration on the local of dallas app using credit assessment, Sadad or Mom Hardcore work cards.

V Spot Content Access. You can access our content site if your phone is compatible with the services and at your own risk! You may need to pay for content services over and above your usual charges. The terms and conditions that apply to our website will also apply to our content site. Phone protection Virgin Mobile may from time to time ask you if you would like to be contacted by a service provider with regards to phone protection. Any phone protection that you subscribe to is governed by the terms and condition of the service provider that you contract with.

Where can I find Virgin Mobile data bundles? You can suspend your subscription temporarily. To do so give our member care team a call on What is the maximum suspension period allowed for Postpaid? You can suspend your subscription for a maximum period of 60 days. How will I receive my bill? You will receive your monthly bill via email. When does my new bill cycle start and how many days do I have to pay my bill? Your bill cycle starts from the 28th of each month and your balance will be due to 10th of each month. How can I pay my Postpaid bill? You can pay your Postpaid bill using the following methods: Pay your bill in one of Virgin Mobile stores.

Pay your bill through your account on the website of mobile app using credit card, Sadad or Virgin Mobile recharge cards. Pay your bill through Sadad service available in ATM. My outgoing service has been suspended due to non-payment. How long will it take to resume my service once my bill has been paid? All services will be reactivated as soon as your bill is paid. Call our Member Care at or visit one of our stores and they will be happy to help you.

You can downgrade your Postpaid plan at any time doea calling our Member Care mobi,e at or by vvirgin any of our stores. Timme is service is currently not available through your account on the website or mobile app. You syop also call our Member care team at or by visiting any of our mobjle. How can I prevent the data bundle from being automatically renewed? When will the bundle be automatically renewed? The bundle will be automatically renewed between What happens when the bundle I purchased expires? When the tiime period expires, if you have enough credit in your account, the same data bundle will automatically be renewed.

How do I buy a Wgat bundle? Coes I save money by purchasing a data bundle? Because data bundle rates are much lower than the standard prepaid MB rate. What are data bundles? A data bundle gives you a specific amount of data usage for a specific price. All you need to do is print the following formcomplete it and email the scanned copy of it to: If your account is inactive for 90 days, you will no longer be able to receive calls or texts. Can I temporarily deactivate my number? Yes, you can deactivate your number for up to a month. To do so, just give our member care team a call on This also could be the result of a network problem.

To get help, call our member care team onor visit one of our stores. Your SIMs will work the very first time you put them in your phone, tablet and dongle respectively. What are the recharge card denominations? We currently offer the following denominations: For example, can I transfer 5. The minimum amount you can transfer is 5 SAR and transfers can only be made in increments of 5. Can I transfer money to a number that is in the grace period? The grace period is the period after at least 60 days on inactivity. During this period, a member can only receive incoming calls and texts. Is there a charge for using the Transfer Service? What is the maximum number of transactions I can make per day?

You can make up to five transactions in one day. What is the minimum amount I can transfer to another account? The minimum amount you can transfer from your account to anther Virgin Mobile number is 5 SAR per day. If your remaining balance will be less than 10 SAR after the transfer, the transaction will be rejected. Can I transfer my credit to a non-Virgin number? No, you can only transfer credit from your account to another Virgin Mobile number. How can I transfer my credit to another number? What is the credit transfer service?

How can I check my account balance?

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