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This page right here is our official blog, where we conduct confessionals with many of the models you see on this site, as well as keep you up to date with all the dirty, kinky erotic stories going on in the always entertaining world of watching live sex. There is no better place to tune in and watch that show than on CamSoda. If you look below, we have official discussions with many models. Our database will continue to grow over time as we do more one on one talks with the hottest cam models. Hear about fetishes, fantasies, and what turns on the models who appear on the free webcams.

However, before checking out the confessionals, let me shed some light on why Camsoda has become one of the fastest growing free cam sites on the web. Word on the streets is that our cam site has the best interface and offers an incredible user experience. We simply cannot deny those claims made by users. Taking pride in making it easy for someone to join and chat for free is what we do best! The users asked and we answered! August 13, - We are working on a better format for the Camfoxes custom free live sex web cam preview popup window for users on devices that support it.

Hopefully we will have a good solution in the next couple of days. August 13, - On IOS devices we have changed the format so that the user will go directly to the live web cam host's room instead of trying to show a preview. This removes the clunkiness yes that is a technical term that IOS users were experiencing and will make visiting our live sex cams a more rewarding experience.

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September 25, - we are continuing adilt make changes to make your Free Webcam Experience better. Wow, really too many changes to mention them all but here dault some of the highlights: We are on our very own server now. We were on a small shared hosting account. On Labor day weekend Camfoxes was down for a considerable amount of time because some other site on the server was abusing the hell out of the databases. Well, we learned our lesson and we are on a nice fast server from M3servers now.

Just wwb here and get scripted. Wow, sometimes too many people to mention them all but here are some of the women: We hope you find them.

We have been continuing to optimize acms database and code to get a faster page load. According to our aeult our average page load is now less then half a second. We continue to notice a lag when loading on firefox. That is a browser issue and we do not know that we will be able to fix it in the code but we are still trying. We have been modifying our styles to accomodate more mobile devices in a more friendly manner.

Hopefully you have been noticing an improvement. In the next week or so you will see wome menu changes. We will be adding a contact page and some help pages to the system. We continue to modify our custom live sex show preview window. This seeems to be our most popular feature. The ability to watch the webcam without actually participating in the chat.

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