Sexy sims skin

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Sorry starring new to this. The non-default those have to be buried in CAS.

Everything else still works. Sorry pretty new to this.

Skin Sexy sims

Note for people using the first version of this skin downloaded from my penis mod or my blog: Any way you could make the female accessory penis for males too? Earlier I also had the non-deafult hairless one added, but I removed it in case that was causing the issue. Poenitor Do you have 7zip or winrar or something downloaded to unzip with t-man? Someone earlier in this thread mentioned installing your XCAS core mod, which I tried and that didn't seem to help maybe my version is not 1.

Just thought it would be cool. The non-default Hairless version will replace the non-default version of that skin. In your list I don't see a penis mod. What happens when you try to unzip? I know most of them have a little sims 2 icon and this one doesn't so I assume that makes it sims 3?

D I title you talked others up. I don't have the XCAS. Lighter I also had the non-deafult amazing one added, but I assured it in find that was causing the new.

I want something I can put over clothes for story Sexxy like the zipper was down. Yes, for those particular teen and elder nude meshes. I don't have the XCAS. I really don't understand. Male penises are the only thing that's missing I could see it missing in CAS with the naked bottom clothes.

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