Is sperm addictive

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The Psychology of Semen, Part Two: Your Questions Answered

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Rama Singh of McMaster University in Hamilton, Canada, has been studying the protein cocktails in different species of banana flies and has discovered that the DNA codes for these genes, while remaining functional, are constantly and rapidly changing along the branches of the banana fly evolutionary tree. And a sure sign they are perpetually pushed around by sexual selection. Banana fly researchers are quite confident that some of the ingredients of these biochemical cocktails are involved in a kind of neuropsychological manipulation. Females that have recently been inseminated start kicking away their suitors or, when harassed, extend their egg-laying tube, which blocks access to the vagina.

They even begin exuding a scent that renders them unattractive. All this is induced by semen components that end up in her bloodstream. Usually, females prefer to have multiple fathers for a clutch of eggs—to generate healthy genetic diversity.

The whole process is akin to leaving adductive mental mating plug. It is present in the semen but also sticks to the tails of spern sperm cells. The sex peptide that is floating free in the speem does its work quickly: For up to seven hours, the initial shot of sex peptide causes females to give males the cold shoulder. What do the rest do? Well, research in other insects can give us an inkling of what such substances might be capable of. The semen of the American fire beetle Neopyrochroa flabellata, for example, is spiked with the poisonous compound cantharidin. Another substance, the protein PSP1, is ejaculated by the male corn earworm moth into his mate and there immediately shuts down the production of pheromones, meaning that other males which totally rely on scent can no longer find her.

Despite the lack of direct research, Gallup said he "wouldn't be a bit surprised" if oral and anal sex provided a mood boost.

But given what we know about birth control pills, addixtive of the hormones should survive. I wonder whether the "sexiness" quotient of wddictive your partner's semen inside you might be another, perhaps complimentary, explanation. Oral sex has been linked to health effects in women. Women who frequently ingest their partner's semen have been shown to have a significantly lower risk of preeclampsia -- a mysterious and dangerous pregnancy condition that is the leading cause of prenatal infant death -- than women who do not swallow.

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The findings may seem like a stretch, but before you cry foul, consider that a number of studies have shown the same correlation from unprotected vaginal sex. Researchers theorize that preeclampsia evolved at least in part to allow women to unwittingly reject pregnancies resulting from "unfamiliar" semen. Such an adaptation would favor partners who stick around for a while, and who would be more likely to share the considerable burden of parenthood. If semen from oral sex can affect whether or not a woman carries her baby to term, who's to say it can't have other consequences on a woman's body, such as affecting her mood?

Couldn't other factors have been at work? Some of you wondered whether hormonal birth control or the "depth" or the relationship could have affected the results of the study. The researchers considered these factors. Of the sexually active women who never used condoms, seven out of 10 were on the Pill. However, there were no significant differences in depression scores as a function of the Pill either within or across the condom-use categories.

Addictive Is sperm

Likewise, there were no differences in depression scores based on whether women were in relationships or the length of those relationships. Again, Aperm says that no one has yet studied asdictive male sterilization affects the possible mood-boosting effects of semen. However, anecdotal evidence does indicate a correlation: Now that their partner was vasectomized, the depressive symptoms returned, suggesting that vasectomy may have an impact on seminal chemistry. Mood isn't simply a result of our biochemistry, and the depression-alleviating benefits of semen would likely be trumped by the trauma of the rape, and the possible negative consequences, such as unwanted pregnancies or sexually transmitted diseases, Gallup says.

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