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Setcrete Latex Floor Levelling Compound - 20kg

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A self levelling floor screeding compound usually contains latex because the compound is laid in a very thin layer and the latex gives it the flexibility it needs to move without cracking. As you go, ensure that they are level in all directions e.

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Mix self levelling compound with sharp sand to lay floor levelint To lay a self levelling floor screed Floor leveling latex compound layex should: You can buy self levelling floor screed compound from out DIY Store here. Laex can mark out where your screed lines are going to go on the floor using a pencil Once the screed mixture is prepared, spread laetx of the flooring latec out into a strip about 2 inches wide as F,oor can see from the image below. The above Flexiplus compound will set in 90 minutes but it will need to be left for at least 8 hours before anything can be laid on top. Can I use screed if I have Under-floor heating?

Mix up some more screed and starting at one side of the room, pour it between the first set of lines and spread it out using a float or trowel. Before walking on it use your finger to check that it is solid Mixing and Laying Flooring Compound for Small Spaces and Screeds Less Than 5mm If you only need to level a room or section of flooring that requires less than 5mm in depth of screed then you can use a straight self-levelling compound, without the need to add sharp sand to the mix. Using Self Levelling Compound to Level a Floor Mixing Flooring Compound with Sharp Sand to get a Thicker, Stronger Mix for Screeds Over 5mm For the purposes of this project we are going to imagine that we are levelling a large sized room with some quite substantial dips over 5mm so, as we mentioned above, we will be using some sharp sand in with the mix to give it some additional rigidity.

Leveling latex Floor

Despite its name the compound will not self-level automatically as there is surface tension to be overcome. Use your trowel to level it off on the top and use a spirit level to ensure that the top of the screed lines are level in all places Repeat the above for the rest of your screed lines. To prepare it for use the two are mixed together to form the compound. As with the above, remove all existing floor coverings such as carpets, tiles, adhesive etc….

Using a straight edge, make sure there are no voids by tamping down gently on the surface using your screed lines as a level Fill between screed lines with more screed mixture and tamping down to get level Once you have completed the first run, repeat until all gaps have been filled. This involves attaching a special paddle to an electric drill and mixing it thoroughly to make sure the components are evenly distributed through the mixture. Ensure surface is dust free by giving it a good sweeping and then run over it with a vacuum. Again check levels as you go One important fact to note is make sure that you work around your room towards the door.

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