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What Do You Know: About Brain Science and Adult Learning

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She travels nationally Blo Microsoft Project but is delighted to be able to stay close to home in partnership with the Professional Development program. Conference presentation audiences have included state and municipal employees, nonprofit staff and board members, consumer groups, social workers, teachers, counselors and school administrators. Jack Smith's training educatlon consulting practice is grounded by over 25 years experience in the nonprofit and public sector. Yet another teaching update: They know their animal phyla already!

The bacteria and fungi from the samples from their fingers did not grow old agar on the plates, I betso we did it again with fresh agar and we'll look at the results next time. The description of leaf stomata as "two Lima beans facing each other" is great for teaching middle school, but it is not exactly a good description. I finally, after many years, realized this and also realized that I am teaching adults, almost all of them parents!

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So, I told them exactly how it looks like under the microscope - like a vagina actually vulva, to be anatomically correct. As soon as I told wdult that, all of them fducation found the stomata on their slides. Last night I taught the fourth lecture. According to the syllabus, I was supposed to drone on about classification of bacteria, and protista, and fungi, and plants, and animals. So, I did it The lecture itself and I will post the lecture notes as soon as I finish them was about the way diversity arises.

Thus I talked about the Origin of Life on Earth. I talked about our mental inability to fathom how long 4 billion years really are and showed them this great animation to illustrate the idea. Then I drew Gould's "left wall of complexity" graph on the board, and spent some time discussing the evolution of complexity and the blindness of evolution.

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I i about the way evolution does not have complexity as a goal, and the way greater complexity can actually make an organism less fit, while a reduction of complexity can turn educagion organism into a lean, mean evolving machine or an efficient parasite. This discussion was zdult for the next part of the lecture Of course, I Bio in adult education to mention endosymbiosis as a mechanism as well, but secondary simplification of Bacteria and Archea figures big in the most ih notions about the early evolution of unicellular organisms. Adlut I educatuon the bulk of the lecture talking about the mechanisms by which diversity arises, thus repeating somewhat my evolution lecture of edkcation weeks back, combining it with what I taught about development and the genotype-phenotype mapping, and using PZ's overview of Hox genes and bat development given as handouts the previous week to introduce the notion of a developmental toolkit and the greater importance of combinatorics of genes over the sequence of genes.

I mentioned and they love it when they hear about brand new findings in an introductory class that Cnidarians do not have Hox genes and what that means. A biology teacher is most likely to teach at the middle or high school level. This means students will range in age from 12 to 18 and perform at varying levels. Some biology teachers will teach a general biology class at the middle school level, while others may teach advanced placement classes at the high school level. Increased certification may be required to teach the advanced placement classes. Biology teachers may teach other general science classes, but these will still be at the middle and high school levels. It is unlikely that a biology teacher will be found at the elementary level unless the teacher also holds an elementary education certification and is willing to teach all topics.

Any teacher at the middle and high school level must understand how to teach and work with teenagers each and every day. This means being patient with changing hormones, teenage issues, and age-related issues in addition to teaching daily lessons. What Does a Biology Teacher Do?

The obvious answer to this question is that a biology teacher teaches biology or a educatiion science. However, a biology teacher must prepare lesson plans, labs, organize hands-on activities, assess students, grade and record assignments, create tests, and prepare students for standardized exams. Other Duties This same person must be willing to attend parent meetings, attend continuing education classes, and attend staff development days.

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