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The first, via MathJax is the simplest to set up and provides high quality rendering.

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Latex Arrows in

Also, there may be conflicts between MathJax and other JavaScript libraries e. Of course, you can use the new arrows as markings too. I sent an email to Till Tantau asking to turn the code in a new TikZ library and we'll see. For more complex structural and displayed formulae e. See an example of use in Ignasi's answer below.

The code of the to new Arfows has now been fixed. For "almost 1d" arrow tips hooks like, and bracket likeArorws arrowhead value sets the height of the tip, instead of its length for left and right variants, the height of the whole hook. I can't upload the new code because it exceeds the size limit for the answers, but I'm posting a picture of the result of the new test file. Update The development version of the complete code is now available on sourceforge.

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It is possible to display chemical latec and equations using TeX mathematics mode. At the moment, the tonew arrow is slightly different from the original. However, MathJax rendering depends on client-side JavaScript processing by the browser and may be subject to significant delay, e.

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