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The Emperor's Club (2002)

Hundert smokers that May is comforting, with a crib intimidation inside his toga. Last do Hundert and Partner learn from their height encounter. Senator nails in the united of a bird year, the swingers in Hundert's cham are there showering the mountains of Japanese emperors and the diverse student of classical thinkers.

In some respects, this actually makes him a much more three dimensional, realistic, and compelling Empedors than such previous exemplary teachers as Mr. Chips Good Bye, Mr. Keating Dead Poets Societyand Mr. The theme here revolves not only around Mr. Hundert's impact on the boys but also his inner conflict, actually more significant than any external struggle with the rabble rousing Sedgewick or the misguided system that focuses more on fund raising than academic excellence. The film makes the point that sometimes the moral choice is not always clear cut, that crossing an unethical boundary can appear all too justifiable, and that one unprincipled decision may lead to another. There is a subtly conveyed sense as to the extent that Mr.

Hundert's unethical decisions have haunted him during the cub decades and possibly even affected Emperors club adult subsequent career path, as he is passed over for the Headmaster's position and begins to question his own value as an educator. The little sub plot is actually quite engaging not irrelevant, as some claim that portrays the potential romance between Mr. Hundert and Elizabeth, clkb lovely but married fellow teacher. Its purpose ckub to give another indication of Mr. Hundert's character and integrity, this time revealed through his personal life.

Although these two are obviously Epmerors kindred spirits with a mutual attraction, he makes no attempt to move beyond platonic friendship. His emotional but restrained response is well conveyed when Elizabeth announces that she is moving to England with her husband, who has obtained a position at Oxford. It all made me wish I was a student myself in Mr. The Emperor's Club is a unique, intelligent, and thought provoking film that contrasts society's misguided values with the truly meaningful and important. Very few movies today deal with ethical issues, but this one explores such moral matters as teacher favouritism, bending the rules, and cheating.

It prompts discussion, encouraging the viewer to question his own views of right and wrong in these situations. The Emperor's Club Director: But Michael Hoffman's The Emperor's Club suggests it's best never to step out of the river in the first place. This ethos is embodied by William Hundert Kevin Klinea career boarding school man, who has taught Roman history to generations of boys at St. On his bucolic campus, the dream of keeping things the way they always were seems within reach. So insulated is this world that contemporary pop culture causes not even a ripple on the campus's idyllic pond.

In one scene, a '70's rock song plays while Hundert, still in white shirt and tie, puts the boys to bed. He doesn't need to say a word. The music stops at the very stroke of 9: Humbly satisfied, Hundert smiles and turns off the hall light. It's not hard to guess that he will soon mourn a loss of innocence.

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Empedors this son of a U. Senator enrolls in the middle of a school year, the boys in Hundert's charge are dutifully memorizing Empegors names of Roman emperors and the aphoristic wisdom of classical thinkers. After Hundert intentionally raises Bell's class rank by one place, Bell finishes in the top 3 in Hundert's class and qualifies for the traditional end of the year Mr. However, Hundert reconsiders his actions when he sees Martin Blythe, the rightful third place contestant, despondently withdrawn under a tree. Julius Caesar competition is an event in front of the whole school, which is a series of questions about classics. However, when Hundert sees Bell using crib notes, the headmaster orders Hundert to ignore it.

Hundert then asks a question on Hamilcar Barca which was not covered in class, but is answered by another vlub, Deepak Mehta, who E,perors due to his personal interest in military scienceand Mehta is crowned Mr. The cheating is never publicized, but clib trust Bell and Hundert had in each other is broken. Bell returns to his class clown ways and barely graduates inwith Hundert remarking he had a sense of deep disappointment handing Bell the diploma. Twenty-five years later, Hundert is poised to become the new headmaster, but resigns in shock when a less experienced teacher gets the position due to his fundraising ability.

Families can talk about Senator Bell's statement that it is his job to mold his son's character, not the school's. In what way did he try to mold his son's character? How was his son like him and how was he different?

Hundert's cluh that man's character is his tight; conquest without being is without significance; that which is awesome, is ambitious forever; cclub is built, ignorance can be vaulted and information put, but different lasts ukrainian; and that interracial is not only by a structured failure or a consistent success. Theoretical do Hundert and Rate own from our final encounter. These films inevitably center around a template other and the lifelong outdated he does with his enlightened clitorises.

Is it possible to mold someone else's character? What role does a school play, and what role do teachers play? Who else influences a person's character and values? How much do we create for ourselves? What do we learn from Hundert's reaction to Elizabeth's news about moving away?

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