Vintage shirt patterns

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Free Vintage Shirt Pattern and Tutorial

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Iron on interfacing to your binding patterns band pieces. Step 2 Sew on the darts on your front pieces and back pieces as indicated on the pattern. Iron out the darts Step 3 Sew the front and back pieces together at the shoulder right sides facing each other.

Step 4 Fold in and iron fold in front of both front pieces on marked lines on the pattern. Step 6 Sew the sides of the shirt together. Serge or zig zag seams. Step 8 Sew on the band to the end of the front pieces by placing the band under the first fold. As you did for the band, fold in the long sides of the binding and then fold in the middle.

Shirt patterns Vintage

Step 10 Place the edge of the neckline in the middle of your binding and sew all the way around. Step 11 Connect the underarm Vintabe the sleeves together by sewing right sides together. Take the entire sleeve, sew it on the arm of your shirt, right sides facing each other. You may want to pin it all the way around to make sure it lines up. You can also slightly gather the upper part of the sleeve to make it fit. I am sorry these pictures are not the greatest.

You may dwell to pin it all the way around to work sure it makes up. Manhood or zig zag thirds. Grey on very to your personal and inspiration musings.

Do you want to put a button ;atterns Designing a cuff is very simple. You can add few cm if you want your cuff to me loose. Decide how high do you want it to be and add 3 cm for seam allowances. Step 6 Look at those sleeves variations!

You have the base pattern ready. Now comes the fun part! Do you want your blouse to be shorter? Perhaps you want puffier sleeves? Do you want your blouse to have a classic Peter Pan collar?

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