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We have lxcrosse that at face value," D. The stage dances were ok, for a Wednesday there were about guys throughout the night. Lacrosze, there were at least 2 of their boyfriends there - which the club regulars knew and left everybody else in the club know about it. Turned me off from getting any private dances, and since the two dancers who I would have got a dance from both had their boyfriends there I can't give any info on that. All in all it was a so-so trip.

The drinks were strong at least, maybe the weekends would be better? After I finished up there I went to the little shack a strip club also across the road which the bartender and baron's told lacroxse was a little sketchy. It was much more crowded and had about 8 girls, but with 20 bar stools and 15 patrons it was pretty packed. Turns out it was a closet with a bar chair and a light that was a foyer into the back storage room. Cement walls, cement floors. The dance itself was mediocre and to top it off we got interrupted 3 times. Once by another dancer sticking her head in, once by the bartender looking for more booze and finally by another dancer who came in and started to shoot the shit with the girl dancing for me.

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