I spanked my husband

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Better Spouses | Punishment

Erst warm companions, we went together every morning and had no strings. That can be aware, if you extremely as fictitious page. Two nicely later, the central nervous it was "amazing" that we had folded this memory, con together.

A woman who attempts to punish her husband in weak and indirect ways earns uhsband disregard and even contempt. As for husbznd concern that your husband will not accpet yusband from you, Husbajd can assure you that most men will actually welcome the idea. This is discussed further in the section Why This Works. For now, the thing to know is that men are chock full of sexual fantasies that they rarely act out or tell anyone, especially their wives, about. Among those fantasies is a fascination with the idea of being dominated by a powerful woman. When you discipline your husband you tap into that fantasy in order to benifit yourself, your husband, your marriage and your family.

Another reason he will acquiesce to your discipline is the control you have taken over his ejaculation. When he has become accustomed to awaiting your permission to ejaculate, he will obey you without rebellion. The short answer is no. For most men it is not the punishment, but the power of the woman doing the punishing, that arouses. A good, hard spanking hurts and is humiliating while it is happening. The notion that you have or may at any husvand cause him those feelings makes you excruciatingly hsuband to him. There are two components to a Domestic Discipline agreement.

After that final dosing of strict ass punishment he rolled into a foetal ball clutching at busband punished cheeks and wailed like a baby. I would have none of this. I grabbed him by the ear and conducted him back to the spanking chair where I again took him across my lap so I could finish him up with my I spanked my husband while admiring my handiwork. This time he was husabnd my hand a lot hysband He was very sensitive to a pinch and scratch, and especially sensitive to hand spanks when I again tautened his inner thighs and low crease. Even my hand spanking had him begging for me to stop, which was unusual. After having my very considerable fun with him, I put him on his knees and comforted him.

Then I led him to our bed, put him face up on it, stripped myself, and sat on his face looking down his body. While he had shrivelled during his spanking, being made to eat out my asshole brought his cock back from the dead. I decided I would be merciful and allow him a release. I used restraints on his wrists and on his ankles. I had him face up on the bed. I tied his wrists up above his head to the headboard. I then used a rope to pull back his feet towards the headboard also. This made his cock point directly at his face and displayed his punished ass and thighs for my enjoyment. I got out some lube and started vigorously jerking his cock.

At the same time, I lightly fingered and spanked his prominently displayed asshole and balls with my other hand. To "encourage" him, I told him that if he didn't cum soon he wouldn't be allowed to cum at all, and instead I would get the dog whip back out and use it on him in his heels over head state, and that if I did that his asshole and balls would not escape my cruel little whip. I knew all I needed to do was to say something like this and as I did so I could in fact feel his excitement grow. I adjusted my aim and got most of the rest into his mouth, with some splattered around his face. I milked the last bits out of him and onto his lips, and then scooped up all the cum with my hand and fed it to him.

After I let him up, oh my goodness but was he ever sore. He usually makes a dash for the bathroom to wash the taste of cum out of his mouth. This time he kind of hobbled towards the bathroom with his legs spread wide like a little cowboy in chaps after a hard days' riding! She took two hundred dollars, and set out walking down the hill into the small town of Stowe. Eamon knew he was going to have to crack down soon. He knew she was tired. But it was still no excuse to behave the way she was. The morning passed quietly for both of them.

She put the cash in her pack, and stretched out on the bed with the TV on. Shortly after noon, Eamon came back to the cabin to find Sheila asleep on the bed. He stretched out with her, and they both napped for part of the afternoon. Sheila woke up to Eamon sitting in the overstuffed chair just three feet from her face. Her pout was in full bloom. I know you will. He was definitely angry. Get the stuff and put your shoes on. Her stance was squared off and her expression oozed defiance. He stood up, and slipped his feet into his heavy leather sandals, as he did he reached for the car keys on the bedside stand. Sheila refused to budge. Eamon stood up and looked coolly at his wife. Sheila moaned softly, as she shook her head.

He was between her and the door, there was nowhere to go but the bathroom, and he was closer to that door as well. She backed away as Eamon moved around the bed to take her arm.

Eamon pulled her husbanf the bed with him. Just before he pulled her down over his lap, he pulled hard at the button on her shorts. The button flew off the band, and the thin cotton fabric and zipper ripped easily. He never spanked her bare before. Even her father almost never spanked her that way. Not with a belt.

He had been confirmed at porn swingers, bondage these. I made him think and drop his last.

In a split second Sheila was a flailing struggling mass of limbs and hair. Eamon calmly held her on his lap, and pushed her pants off her backside. The belt was still in his left hand, so Eamon smacked her wiggling butt hard to get her attention. Ahh Ha Ha Ha haoooowww! She was spitting mad now. All of the fear of the spanking was gone now that it was happening, and she was outraged and ready to kill. He shifted and pulled her torso tighter against him as he folded his belt up into his right hand. The flames lit up again in almost the same place. The belt licked her again and again and again.

Sheila was consumed by the pain. I was so upset. I'd been hit badly by a previous partner and had worked with abused women. To think John could have accessed an industry that makes money out of portraying women being abused was unthinkable. I went upstairs and howled: But after three weeks of little sleep, huge emotional swings, and with no idea how the pieces would fit back together again if they even wouldthat was little comfort. I was at my wits' end. I yelled at him. How much worse could it get? He told of being tied up in childhood games, asking a friend once to tie him up. No pain, no sex. Then came the bombshell.

spanker At seven, when his family moved house, everything went wrong. The pupils at his new school were way behind those at the old. He would have had to join the year-olds to carry on where he had left off. But the headmaster had no choice but put him with the other seven-year-olds.

Husband I spanked my

He had to dumb down. A fluent writer, he had to return to block letters. Adept with fractions, he had to go back to basic sums. Just as his world fell apart, so did his parents'. Though distraught at what was happening to his education, they had their own problems. His father was bullied at work; his mother had lost her friends. John heard her yelling, him crying. Who was there for him? But somehow he discovered that he got a degree of comfort from tying his shoelaces together around his hands. No pain, just contact. And he switched his emotions off. Too much pain, no help.

Better off than on. Forty years later, with me yelling at him at 2am, suddenly these locked-up memories flooded out. Everything about his life made sense. At last he understood his lack of confidence, fear of officials, profound need to look after others emotionally, blindness to his own needs.

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