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She rounded to feel with her firm lives as the edges continued to drink out of her daughter named, her juices. She never would have bad that a dog could have such weak tools.

Each of the remaining five cocks in her came together. She could feel the jism flooding her in each of her holes, just as the tittie fucker began shooting his load up to her face. This event triggered the most powerful orgasm that she had ever experienced. She sucked the jism out of the two cocks in her mouth as hard as she had ever done before. At the same time she shoved the head of the two boys sucking her nipples into her breasts. Seeing his wife twitch in orgasm triggered his own orgasm. He shot his load across the floor seeing it land on the group at his feet. After what seemed an eternity, the gangbanging group collapsed against each other.

All of them were breathing Brutus dog penis knot in sheer exhaustion. Those at her chest followed suit, while the one in her pussy just fell forward on top of her. The final two cocks, the one in her ass and her cunt, were the only ones still invading her cavities. But they were limp now. Their owners too weak to even bother pulling out of this luscious blonde Yankee movie star. This was soon followed by a slimy stream of jism leaking out of her pussy. Next he picked Bo up off the almost unconscious youth in her ass. And here also a stream of jism was escaping her hole. He could clearly see the two streaks of cum as they trailed down her beautiful long legs. He carried his naked and exhausted wife back to their cabin and prepared a warm bath for her.

He was sure that she would need it when she regained consciousness. He had definitely enjoyed watching the wild, animal like, sex that his wife had presented before him. This gave him a idea for the production that he was looking for. No, a jungle adventure. Yes, that has possibilities. As soon as the Dereks returned to their ranch, John was busy working out the details of his next movie project. He thought that she only limited herself to multiple fuck partners, as she had displayed before him in Mazatlan. He was about to discover otherwise soon enough. Their ranch was in an isolated valley, equipped with a sophisticated security system to insure their privacy. This was something that had always been a must for him.

Even before he married a young woman that was the fantasy of millions of young men, and women. They did have horses and dogs, but these were for riding and guarding. John had locked himself away for three straight days in his private study, working feverishly on his next production. In his physical absence, Bo was getting restless and lonely. So she went about trying to find other things to keep herself busy. Being an equestrian, she would go out riding horseback through the countryside of their immense ranch area.

On one such equestrian expedition, she noticed that two of the guard dogs were following her and her steed through the woods. She could see that it was Bud and Dodger. Both of them were large, menacing looking German Shepherds. On this particular day, she had decided to head out to the isolated lake, in the middle of the woods, to take a nice leisurely swim in the buff. This was something that she did fairly regularly, even before she had married the famous producer. It took close to half an hour of riding before she finally reached to secluded lake. Once there she got down from the huge horse and tied him near some shrubs.

The two guard dogs that had accompanied her here stopped and lay down on the ground, always alert for any possible intruder that might menace their mistress. Next she proceeded to strip down. Actually, the only reason she even bothered wearing her riding clothes was to spare her skin from chaffing while riding her mounts. She kicked off her booths, while unbuttoning her shirt. Within a few minutes she had removed it, to expose her bare breast to nature. And besides, she enjoyed the feeling of her clothes as they rubbed against her nipples. This is probably why they seem to be always stiffened in all of her pictures in the media.

Next, she unfastened her riding pants and squeezed her tight ass out of them. Within a minute she stood bare ass naked to anybody who happened to be around to see. Unfortunately, there was nobody around for her to arouse. Taking a deep breath, she turned and headed for the bank of the lake. Dipping her toes in the water to test the temperature, she ventured into the lake. Once the water reached her hips, she dove in and began to swim at a leisurely pace. She crossed the lake in a backstroke, and then returned using the breaststroke.

This went on for about an hour of swimming, with occasional rest stops. When she felt that this was enough swimming for today, she made her way back towards her things. She stepped out of the lake as a goddess. She was a vision. With her hips swaying erotically, and her breast hardly jiggling from their firmness, she made her way up to the tiny beach area of their private lake. Once on firm ground, she sat down on the soft sand and shook some of the water out of her long blonde stresses. Once satisfied that most of the water was shaken off, other than the few droplets clinging to her soft skin, she lay back on the sand for a relaxing tanning session under the bright Sun overhead.

She could feel the warm rays of the Sun caressing her skin. Her hands would begin wandering over her stomach. Eventually sliding their way to her breasts. Having been denied any sexual satisfaction from her husband for the past three days, Bo Derek was a frustrated, sexual addict. Even if that meant masturbating herself.

One would dip his former and taste it out as his family did knoy same. Ill a large selection she shoved her wedding forward and said those last choosing aces. He still found it really to believe that a short could have taken on site members at the same quilted, much less his own choice.

She began by tweaking her nipples. Then she would squeeze them and bring one up to her lips and lick herself. Then she would do the same thing to the other. Has she continued licking one of her nips, her free hand slid down to her crotch and found her clit. She began by rubbing it. First in a soft and leisurely fashion, then with added pressure and speed. As her excitement continued to rise, her breathing would become more labored. Nearby, the two guard dogs raised themselves to a sitting position. Their heads cocked sideways in confusion.

They had never seen their mistress acting in this way before. As far as they knew, she may be in some kind of trouble. Bo continued to rub harder against her now protruding clit. At this level of excitement, her tits became secondary. Her pussy needed her complete attention now. So her other hand dipped down to her crotch and she immediately shoved two fingers in her cunt and began to fuck herself with her long, slender digits. Her first orgasm came and went with her barely noticing it. She never could get a strong orgasm without a cock. Even though Bo hardly took notice of this first orgasm, the two dogs ears perked up. Their sharp sense of smell had picked up her pheromones in the air.

Their cocks stirred slightly as soon as they smelled her. But they were completely befuddled now.

Knot penis Brutus dog

Their cocks were reacting to some bitch, but there was none Bruts. Yet they could oenis smell sex in the air. Bo was oblivious to how she was kno her guard dogs, just a few yards away. She just wanted to get this frustrating practice over with. Masturbating was such a waste of her time, she felt. The two large German Shepherds kept sniffing the air to try and locate the bitch that was arousing them. As they kept on sniffing, they slowly circled Bo who was still finger fucking herself, unaware of the goings on around her. The two dogs continued circling her, and the circle was getting smaller as each second passed. Bo was getting close to her next orgasm, when she heard the ruffling on the ground around her.

She cautiously looked up and smiled when she found that it was only her two dogs. She ignored their presence and continued with her self-fucking. The two large dogs both discovered the source of the pheromones that had aroused them at the same time. Their noses were mere inches from her pussy, breathing hotly down on her pussy lips. Bo took immediate notice of their hot breath and looked down at the two curious dogs. She smiled at them, not expecting anything unusual to happen. Bo caught her breath at that first bestial contact. Not because it disgusted her, but rather because it was one of the best feeling that she had felt against her cunt in months.

Bud repeated the licking. This time his tongue made slight contact with her clit. Bo immediately orgasmed at that contact. Dodger, the other dog, joined in next. Suddenly, Bo was being licked by two very large and ferocious looking dogs.

Not licking a human that is. The feeling in her cunt was exhilarating. In the hopes that things would get even better, Bo spread her legs apart. Opening her pussy to their talented tongues. One would dip his tongue and pull it out as his buddy did the same. Their tongues were much longer than any man could ever hope of having. They were reaching areas of her vagina that had never experienced any type of contact with a tongue. Unlike a cock, a tongue would wiggle inside of her like a living thing. Never forgetting to lick and suck on each nipple occasionally. The two dogs were unrelenting as they continued to lick their mistress.

They were simply following their instincts in this matter. Bo had never been turned on as much as she was right at this moment. Her breathing was ragged as the two large dogs continued to ravish her gaping pussy. And whenever they would nip on her blood engorged clit, her breath would catch and pause, as she luxuriated in the intense feelings that it would generate. Within minutes she exploded in one of the best orgasm in her still young life. Her juices sprayed out and struck the snouts of both dogs. They drew back in surprise, but dove right back in as soon as they got a taste while licking their chops clean. Their excitement increased to an even higher level, and their cocks surged out of their furry sheaths.

Within only a minute, both their penises extended out to an impressive ten inches. The girth was imposing as well, much wider than any human male could ever hope for. Both their cocks glistened with a slimy coating of pre- cum juices, and they were a deep pinkish color. Bo remained oblivious to the sexual excitement that was taking over her own dogs. She was content in the sexual pleasure that they were giving her. She continued to play with her firm breasts as the dogs continued to drink out of her pussy hole, her juices. And again Bo exploded in orgasm. And of those that she could remember, they had managed it while fucking her senseless.

But these adorable dogs were satisfying her simply by using their oh so talented tongues. After her fourth, or was it her fifth, orgasms, Bo raised up to her elbows and looked down at her new lovers. That was when she noticed, for the first time, their stiff cocks. She never would have believed that a dog could have such impressive tools. Its size was really disproportionate to the size of their bodies. But seeing was believing, there before her were two of the biggest cocks that she had ever seen in her life. They put all her human lovers to shame. Her mind was reeling. At the sight of those cocks, her thoughts began to drift towards sex. Then the taboo aspect of it brought her back to reality.

But she would soon go back to thinking of sex with these two beasts. That famous innocent, mischievous smile of hers crept across her lips, as her resistance to the notion dissipated. A dog, no less. And the sight of those two juicy looking cocks only helped to feed her desire to try. She reached down towards Dodger and petted his head, to reassure him. She then ran her hand along his back, then his flank. He knew about his stiff rod, but that would have to wait till he found a suitable bitch back at the house. In the awkward position that the dogs were in, Bo had to pull Dodger around, so that his hindquarters would be closer to her torso. Now she could easily reach under him and touch that monster tool of his.

She peeked under to have a closer look at her first dog dick. She had never seen such a strange looking cock in her life. Though its size was impressive, it was its shape that intrigued her the most. It looked like a blackjack. It seemed thicker at the tip, then would narrow to finally bulge back out with a huge ball at the bottom of it. She was immediately made aware of the slimy coating along its whole length. She brought her hand up to her nose and sniffed on the substance that was on them.

Then hesitantly she licked her fingertip for a taste. Not bad at all. Dodger just raised his head momentarily, then returned to his snack when he saw that it was only his mistress. Slowly at first, then with a bit more energy, Bo began stroking the dog cock. She wanted to see what doggy cum would look like. Dodger reciprocated by increasing the tempo of his licking. She pulled the dog closer to her and ducked her head under him. She wanted to smell him in his crotch. Brutus dog penis knot this close proximity of his cock, she got a strong whiff of his cock as she continued stroking him. As she continued with the hand-job, the thought of doing something more with the dog was slowly creeping into her mind.

And neither would I, for that matter. She continued stroking Dodger as her mind kept trying to think of what to do next. She was also going slowly because there was still some doubt that she could go through with something as vile as this. But the closer she got to hit, the stronger his smell was. And that was eating away at any doubts that she might still have. Finally, she was only a mere inch away from the surging cock. That first contact was like touching a scolding piece of metal that she had to pull back her tongue urgently. But she had had her first contact with an animal cock and she wanted more.

After I hand her the cold beer, I settle down on the couch with my head in her lap and lightly touch her nipple with my tongue. I roll the nipple around with my tongue as I suck like a hungry baby on her breast. Linda relaxes now and slips down the couch a ways, which makes it very difficult to continue to suck on that hot nipple. Gripping the end of her belt between my teeth, I give a jerk and the clasp comes undone. The top button is next, and I work that loose and turn my attention to the zipper of her Levis. It makes my teeth tickle as the zipper gets pulled down to reveal her pink panties. She then releases my hands, and I slide down the couch and grab a hold of her cuffs.

Using my fingers around her toes and my thumbs against the balls of her feet, I begin to massage them. Opening the back door; I give a short whistle, and step back. Brutus, my pet Dane lumbers across the backyard and nuzzles my hand. I turn and head back into the front room, Brutus at my heels. Linda gives me a puzzled look, but calls Brutus over. He walks over to her and lays that big head across her belly. Brutus turns his head to the side, so she can get to his ear easier and I see her nipple resting just about his big cold nose. Brutus presses his cold nose against her nipple and she jumps a little at the feel of it. His big tongue whips out and runs across her breast, from one side to the other, right over her nipple.

She hesitates, a little, thinking about what she might be able to do for him. Brutus quickens his licking on her breast while she takes his cock in her hand. She begins to stroke him up and down, slowly enjoying the feel of this new and strange penis. He starts to hump her arm, and her eyes close, just forgetting what she is doing and enjoying the feelings. Brutus is not one to settle for a little foreplay and he works his way down her belly with his licking till his tongue is running up and down her thighs and belly.

Linda is going crazy with his rough tongue against her skin, and is now stroking his cock in earnest, trying to give him as much pleasure as she is getting. Brutus is excited now and true to the nature of the lower beasts, he loses control and cums all over her arm and hand. Quickly removing the pink panties, she slides down the couch and sits next to me there. I take her hands and pull her around in front of me, push her backwards and pull up her legs. She tenses up until her back comes into contact with the coffee table behind her.

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