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How to Cook a Melt-in-the-mouth Bottom Round Roast

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Even if I thought she spent a bit too much!!! Any electronic pressure cooker will do. As a general rule, I will make pot roasts a day ahead of serving.

Roast roast round Bottom pot

Cooking the meat to the exact ppot will ensure that you always have the rkast cooked rare or medium-rare piece of meat. Therefore, when the meat is done, you need to release the pressure and add the veggies. Use the meat thermometer to check the temperature. Yes, the key to a good flavorsome roast is herbs like rosemary, marjoram and thyme. This helps the meat to cook evenly. Have a stove-top model? It is less expensive and serves a lot of people.

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Have this family roazt on the table in less than one hour. Dutch ovens, slow cookers, crock pots or any large and deep soup pot with a lid work well for roasting and braising these kinds of meat. A meat thermometer is very helpful to judge whether the meat has been cooked properly or not.

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