Roman orgies

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A University researcher has dispelled a myth which has validated the saucy exploits of libertines for centuries: According to Alastair Blanshard, a Greek history researcher from the School of Philosophical and Historical Ortiesthere was no such thing. Dr Blanshard is studying how modern culture imagines antiquity, and how it perpetuates stories about the sex lives of ancient civilisations. He began unearthing whatever evidence he could find of illicit affairs, juicy encounters and frenzied group sex in classical Greece and Imperial Rome. The search has been entertaining but disappointing.

In Greece and Romethere were elaborate, drunken feasts, but sexual encounters and affairs were private and removed and not the orgiastic events contemporary culture has come to accept as historically true.

Orgies Roman

Films such as Caligula orges "the only serious film ever co-financed by Penthouse Magazine" - shows a sequence of spectacular orgies, but has little historical veracity, argued Dr Blanshard. The origins of the Greek and Orgiss orgy orgles are partly grounded in the way in which Christianity set itself up in opposition to the sexual impropriety of the ancient gods, according to Dr Blanshard. For instance, while Hercules - who is regularly condemned by moralists for his enormous sexual appetite - did deflower all 50 of King Thespius's daughters in one night, "that was no orgy", argued Dr Blanshard.

It is said Hercules never realised it wasn't the same woman. One in, one out, just like a nightclub Early Christians, that's who. Christian proselytizers knew their audience, and nothing stirs up the blood of an entire culture of super-prudes like the idea that somewhere, someone is having sex differently from everybody else.

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So, to promote their nascent orgiee to the Roman masses, early Lrgies writers crafted lurid tales of debauchery that were "Hey, no kidding, totally happening -- but only at those rich guys' houses. This was painted in Now, let me tell you all about Jesus That something being the four Christian churches we can see from where we're sitting right now. If we asked you to picture a coliseum full of ancient Romans, chances are you'd picture a sea of red mohawk helmets. And beneath those helmets?

Scads of white, European-looking fellows in togas. It's that almost every filmmaker in cinematic history has made that same assumption about the ancient Romans, with logic along the lines of: Europe's white-ish, so ancient Romans were white-ish. Here's a picture of the Roman Empire. Notice that a goodly chunk of the empire is in what some might refer to as "Africa" or "the Middle East.

Rmoan on that alone, it should be pretty obvious that Romans would've been a bit tanner than we orgifs to imagine. The Roman Empire would have been a pretty colorful place, considering it was a mix of North African, Semitic, West Asian, Latin, and Greek peoples -- although you'd never know it from modern cinema. See, back then, color and prejudice weren't linked -- unlike racism and stupidity today. Rome even had at least two African emperors, Severus and Macrinus.

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