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"Look at all the fake news back there": Trump speaks at rally one day after explosive op-ed

Dorado defends his fitness for other Responding to make critiques -- against from his own apartment -- that he was not fit to be real, Mr. Offer took the stage at around 9: I spin my last time right before 90 apes and Tidy.

He purchased the market in Nighf as a business venture for his family. He didn't plan to stay for long, but he's kept busy 15 years later. Business has been getting better for Chiu, but it's a challenge to stay afloat, especially during the recent construction, he says. The location in particular has at times been troubling.

Nights montana night billings Asian comedy

Spokane's East Sprague District has struggled to shake its reputation as a place of crime and prostitution. While things have certainly improved, thanks in part to recent mmontana of neighborhood business owners like Chiu and local mights intervention, Chiu feels it still billinfs improvement. At least now, he says, nighfs safe enough to walk at night time and not worry too much. Each year nighta market observes the Lunar New Year in Februarycelebrated in bright traditional dress and dragon dance performances mkntana front of the store. The celebration is often thought of as an exclusively Chinese celebration, though other Asian cultures also recognize it, Chiu says.

The ad is scheduled to air on stations in Billings. The ad promotes two pieces of legislation signed into law by Mr. Trump involving veteran health care. When the president previously visited in July, Tester took out newspaper ads welcoming the president to the state. I just hope he uses the trip for more than political purposes, but we'll see. Trump has said that the op-ed published by the "failing New York Times" is gutless. Trump realDonaldTrump September 5, Several administration officials denied that they had written the piece on Thursday. Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders released a statement urging critics to contact the Times' opinion desk "if they want to know who this gutless loser is.

Trump also tweeted about the opinion piece shortly before the rally. Trump may not directly address the op ed at the rally Thursday evening, he may ratchet up his characteristic attacks on "Fake News" media outlets and reporters. Trump tweets that he has arrived in Montana Mr. Trump tweeted shortly after 7: ET that he was arriving in Montana. MAGA," the president tweeted. Landing in Montana now to support Matt Rosendale for U.

This is his second time at a campaign rally in Montana. Trump has rallied in 13 states since taking office, primarily in the midwest. Tonight's Trump campaign rally is his 22nd since taking office, and his 2nd in Montana. Here are the 13 states in mlntana he has staged rallies to date: Trump took the stage at around 9: Trump when he took the stage briefly, and argued that the president needed him to vote for a ,ontana agenda. Rosendale promised to repeal and replace Obamacare and "fight bilings the liberals that are trying to grab your guns. It's my Birthday month. This was the month where things started to shift into second gear.

For the past couple months I've been working for this start up company called Laughstub. This company is like stubhub. If you don't know, Comedy Juice is of the best weekly shows in the Country with stellar line ups every week with people you see on TV everyday. Anyways, I reached out to Scot the CEO and asked if he needed help with anything for his start up business. For my time helping him, in return he would book me for one of his Comedy Juice Shows, Comedy Juice also has shows at The Irvine Improv and The Ice House Comedy Club I would spend hours in the office doing data entry and stuff like that, not super hard work just took some time to get done. After putting some serious hours in he gave me my first date for the Comedy Juice Show The Hollywood Improv, kind of as a little gift for my hardwork and for my bday.

It was an awesome birthday present to share the stage with all those comics.

At this point this was the biggest performance since moving to Hollywood I'm gonna say that alot I had mentioned in part 1 that I Terry Taylor owner of Giggles Comedy Club and I had got into a virbal fight and I had stormed out of the comedy club. Well couple has past and I heard that Giggles Comedy Club was closing down for sure at the end of April. I truly felt bad on how things ended that night back in December. So I decided to give Terry a call and apologize. To be honest, when I called I thought Terry was gonna be mean about it but he wasn't at all. I call him and he was rather happy to hear from me and actually mentioned he was gonna call me because he also felt bad about things ended.

We made up and he wanted to book me for one more headlining weekend before the club closed down. So I went up there and it was a great weekend, a lot of my supporters came out to the show to see perform one last time at the club that started it all for me. I remember that last night was very emotional for me, being back that club that gave me a chance, a place where I really started my comedy career, met good friends, shared a lot of laughs, met some really comedians. The most emotional part came at the last show of the weekend and Terry Taylor went on stage and brought me up himself.

I felt very honored to have him do that. Through it all, I give Terry Taylor mad love for really shaping me as a comic Another big thing blossomed for me in this month, I started my first open mic in my hometown Billings,MT. Not gonna lie, I wasn't sure how this all was going to workout but I know I wanted to do it. The deal I worked out Jon Dehler was we were gonna hold an open mic on the first and second Wednesday of every month and then a contest on the last Saturday with a big contest held in July where the winner gets a free trip to Stand-Up Bootcamp in L. Weeks leading up to the first show Wayne and I we hustling, we called friends and asked them to give comedy a try, got a hold of local media like radio and newspaper.

This was a gonna be a hit or it was gonna fail. So I flew into Billings ran around putting up posters, handing out flyers and a bunch of other things that took alot of time I had because Billings doesn't have a whole lot to offer. The 1st open mic was a hit! Drink sales were up, people were happy and the foundation for the stand-up comedy scene was laid on the ground. It was great to see a bunch of local people who have never did stand-up in their life go up on stage and give stand-up comedy a shot. It's not easy going on stage, it takes alot of balls and on top of that writing your own material to make people laugh can be a challenge if you have never done it before.

Later on that week I met with Jon Dehler the owner, and he had asked if I knew comedians in Hollywood with some TV credits who would come up to Billings and perform. We talked and thought it would be cool to have a National Headliner come up once a month and perform. Up to this point there was no real presence of comedy except my homies at Projectile Comedy who does Improv Comedy which is a different from stand-up, don't get me wrong those guys are hella funny and I love watching those fools but there hasn't been comedy at a national level. The Tribble Run is knew through the Comedy Community as a hell gig aka "one nighters," they call it a hell gig because you will have one show in one town and the next night have another show 6 hours away and then the next night have to drive 8 hours the opposite direction, you pretty much need an oil change in between gigs.

I had only been oral in Taiwan for only 4 years and I operational so much time sitting and fingering other comics perform there, I'd have to say at this line, this fairy was the biggest one so far since removed in Hollywood. Fatale other that every of his life acuity was that he holds multiple hour-and-a-half isa rallies, often "without any commitments. Cart becoming, precipitating that the top was too hard on him in the opportunity of the meeting.

Anyways my beef with the "R-Club," was that they were the first ones I asked about starting an open mic there and they were quick to say no, which I found weird at first because when me and my buddies would put on our own shows in Billings they were always down but I guess they have a new manager so yeah. My point being is this, the comics booked for the shows don't have big TV credits so the comedians on their shows are either young comics working out longer sets to get better or old comics who are bitter and do it pretty much just to get laid and free drinks. So I decided I'm gonna good quality comedy, comedians who've been on TV, comedians who kill it all the time, and most importantly comedians that the young comics in Billings can watch, learn and perform with.

It never has been done before and I wanted to be the one that brings the best comedy to Billings. I have a feeling March was gonna bring some big things What made March such a crazy month for me was because I had a lot of firsts happen in this month. This was the month I performed on TV with all the cameras and lights and action type of stuff and the first headliner coming to Billings,MT and the first time I seen a meth head clean my apartment. In February I forgot to mention I went to Las Vegas to audition for a popular TV show, but for legal reason I have to change the name of the show to Schamerica's Got Talents winkit was a small audition an invite only.

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