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However, some research has shown that, as an initial treatment step, cleansing can be Extfrnal effective as corticosteroids. Local anesthetics - these can temporarily relieve pain and itching; they include benzocaine, benzyl alcohol, lidocaine, and pramoxine. Vasoconstrictors - these constrict blood vessels and can reduce swelling. They also act as mild anesthetics. These include ephedrine sulfate and epinephrine. Astringents - these chemicals promote protein aggregation within cells, which dries out the skin and helps reduce itching, burning, and pain.

Protectants - these ktch a physical barrier between the skin and any irch irritants. They include aluminum hydroxide gel, cocoa butter, and glycerin. Excess perspiration or moisture may become trapped in the anal area Extermal constricting or tight-fitting underwear is worn. Some foods and beverages, such as carbonated drinks, caffeinated beverages coffee, tea, colas and spicy or acidic foods tomatoes, citrus fruits have been linked to the condition. Having frequent bowel movements diarrhea or infrequent ones constipation may also play a role.

Other causes of pruritis ani include: Some types of bacteria, fungi yeastor parasites can cause itching. Staphylococcus aureus or Streptococcus pyogenes types of bacteriaCandida albicans a yeastpinworms mainly in childrenand Sarcoptes scabiei scabies mites are some organisms that result in itching and irritation. Psoriasis, contact dermatitis inflammation due to allergens or other irritantsor atopic dermatitis a chronic condition found in patients with allergies may cause a rash in the perianal region.

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A local chemical irritation or skin allergy in anaal anal area — In sensitive people, chemicals and medications External anal itch are applied to the anal area can cause local irritation or allergic reactions. Some major culprits include dyes Extwrnal perfumes used in toilet paper especially scented toilet paperfeminine hygiene sprays and other deodorants for the area around the anus or genitals, medicated talcum powders, and medicated skin cleansers and soaps, especially perfumed soaps. Anal itch also can be triggered by over-the-counter medications suppositories, creams, ointments intended to treat anal problems. Intense cleaning after a bowel movement — Although the anal area should be cleaned after every bowel movement, this cleaning must be gentle.

Aggressive rubbing and scrubbing, especially with soaps or other skin cleansers, can irritate the skin and trigger anal itch. Less often, anal itch is a symptom of some illness or condition that either affects the anal area alone, or involves larger areas of the digestive tract or skin. Local diseases and conditions involving lower portions of the digestive tract — These include hemorrhoids, skin tags, rectal fistulas, rectal fissures and, rarely, anorectal cancer.

Itch External anal

Infections and parasites — These include pinworms especially in childrenscabies, pediculosis, condyloma acuminata and skin infections due to Candida or tinea fungi. Skin problems — These include psoriasis, eczema and seborrhea. In many cases, these conditions cause symptoms in several different areas of the skin surface, not only around the anus. Worldwide, anal itch is a very common problem that occurs in up to 45 percent of people at some time during their lives.

Men are itcn two to four times more often than women. Conversely, if you overclean the area you can cause micro tears and cracks — along with dryness from the chemicals in wipes, cleansers, and creams — that can lead to itching. Tips to avoid pruritus ani Use plain white toilet paper, avoiding the scented or printed varieties. Avoid chemically treated wipes. Dry the area thoroughly after washing. Doctors then do a physical examination. What they find during the history and physical examination often suggests a cause of the itching and the tests that may need to be done see Table: Causes and Features of Anal Itching.

The history is focused on when the itching started and how long it has lasted. Doctors ask about the following:

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