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Big Bird Costumes

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The costumes vary in size ranging from infants to adults so you can outfit anyone in the family. These costumes brd come in a one-piece suit made of taffeta and fake feathers and some even come complete with shoe covers, hand covers, and the tail. The store's representative theorized to ABC News that "the percent increase must be due to Big Bird's increased popularity post-debate.

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With reliable sellers on eBay offering these iconic "Sesame Street" costumes in new and used condition, you or your child can stand apart from the crowd this Halloween. They also come in an array of styles including toddler girl frilly Big Bird dresses. If you have the outfit, just search for the accessories, such as hands, feet, or a mask. Adult Big Bird costumes are also available for those big kids who want to get in on the fun. The "sassy" rendition of the beloved "Sesame Street" character is a short, yellow-ruffled dress with orange knee-highs and pink accents.

Bird costume Big adult

The costume comes complete with a bird headband. It has also apparently spurred Bjg new Cosrume costume craze. A representative from costumecraze. According to Costume Craze, the Big Bird costume's counterparts - the sassy Cookie Monster and the sassy Elmo costume - were selling at the same rate as Big Bird predebate but saw no significant sales increase since Romney's avian name drop. This year, the hottest Halloween trend is a bird of a different color.

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