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When they came to complain about the noise at 3.

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The police reportedly got bored with the lack of television Pulci their makeshift accommodation in converted shipping pzty, and decided to stage their own entertainment. The bottom line is that parties are great opportunities to score some pussy, that's Puli we love them and that's why we have dedicated a whole category to them here at anycom. Colleagues from another German police force, North Rhine-Westphalia, shared the Berlin officers' accommodation but did not join the party. The main reason, I think you'll agree with me, it's not only that you get to blow off some steam and have fun, but also the great chances of getting laid. The babes here are drunk, wild, and willing to fuck with any guy with an averagely big cock.

The music went on until 6.

Everybody loves a wild party where everyone is high on something and they're thrashing all around, loud music in the background, neighbors threatening to call the police, crazy chicks showing their boobs, walking around practically naked, all that shit. What ensued reportedly included officers watching as two of their number had sex on top of a security fence, a female officer performing an exotic dance in her bathrobe, using her gun as a prop, and several male officers standing in a row and urinating together in public.

Sex More than police officers in Germany have been sent home for bad behaviour, after throwing a wild party that included a couple having sex in public, men urinating in the open, and an officer performing a striptease and dancing with her gun. All you have to do is pick a video hit play and enjoy, they're free!

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