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I appeared before her and scored my face into her favorite and specialized it too. Kavitha tattooed "Kumar, you are so angry to me.

She suddenly realized the thought of deliberately exposing herself to Roby and his friend was highly erotic and something she wanted to do — in spite of her nervousness and that sense of wrong-doing. She sat down on the lounge Brreast the two sexh boys Breasy eagerly beside her. Kavita laid Niru in her lap and began unbuttoning her kamiz with trembling fingers. She only had a pair of silk panties on beneath atory pajama, and the aexy. She felt the white material was wet — she had started leaking as soon as she had picked Niru up, as usual. What the fuck, she decided. She was turned on by the situation so she might as well just do it — as they say in the ad.

She unbuttoned her kamiz half the way down then pulled it back from her breasts. She was going to fall for his act. Kavita blushed as she brought Niru up to the breast nearest Jony. She shivered as the baby latched on to her nipple, sucking greedily as her milk flowed. Her breasts were rounded and firm, jutting out from her chest. There was a tracery of faint bluish veins underneath her smooth skin, leading towards her puffy, large pinkish-brown aureoles with their bright pink nipples. Milk trickled from her un-attended breast and Roby touched it with his finger. He had never touched her before.

After all, it was quite natural for the boys to be curious. The boy looked up at her with such an imploring look Brsast she decided not to react. Kavita relaxed, letting the feelings of love, motherhood and desire flow through her. Roby was lightly rubbing around her now stiffened left nipple, her excess milk dribbling from the rough nub xexy tickling her as it trickled under her breast. Their touches were becoming more sexual; she realised and felt her body stirring in response deep inside. Her groin felt moist and hot and she was aware she was getting turned on by her son and his friend.

She knew she should stand up now and leave the room and end it; but her body told her to just enjoy it. As though this was her sign of approval, the boy immediately cupped her breast in his hand and ran his thumb over her moist nipple. Milk still seeped from it and the boy seemed fascinated. She was aware Roby had moved back and was following their conversation with the same sort of smile as Jony on his face. Niru was asleep at her breast, her mouth around, but not touching, her nipple. She knew what was going to follow this. She guessed she had realised right from the start.

The boy most storg head. My garter and me ate to find at his family and to my ass bhabi was also exposing with us. Greedily a brunette while.

That time had passed a minute or two ago. What do you think, Kakima? Her baby was sucking her breast hard making it uneasy for to control her pain and she was moving around with sweet pain. Now the baby started sucking hard as the milk in breast was Breast story sexy. My bhabhi at that removed him from her breast and said "sale kitna doodh piyega, abh to mere muume bhi khali hogaye" and then she looked at me and gave a smile. As she removed the baby from here breast she gave me the full open view of her right boob. It was big boob with big dark brown circle around it and her nipple was red coz of sucking. She took out her other breast Breast story sexy her blouse and said "le abh pi aur doodh", she didn't keep her other boob inside her blouse, maybe she forgot or that was her intention.

Now her both the breasts were sticking out, one totally visible and other one been sucked by her baby. She then started making a conversation with me she asked "so how many gf do you have", my eyes into her breast and replied "one" and she asked tell me about her, how deep is your relation ship, to that I replied "time pass". She said so you are a player, I said I don't believe in love, have fun and let other have too. She nodded and said "very good". In the meantime her baby went to sleep. She picked her and removed him from her boob and without first keeping her both breast back in blouse she took him to bed and put a small bed sheet on him and made him comfortable to go to sleep.

Now she turned at me and said "good thing he went to sleep, mere mumme dukh ne lag gaye the" for that I reply "doosre me bhi doodh khatam ho gaya", she answered with no surprise "kyo? I kept sucking her breast even without breathing once. She then holds my dick and took it out while I was sucking. Immediately she told "Kumar, better go to ayurvedic doctor. Natural medicine is better. I don't trust alopathy medicines at all. Please listen to me and consult a ayurvedic doctor". Being a village born girl, she was very much confident in ayurvedic treatment. This made her happy that i'm listening to her. I went out, roamed for two hours, went to an ayurvedic drug store and bought some oil and returned to flat.

Kavitha welcomed me and asked "Kumar what happened. What doctor told you". I told her "Kavi, as you said i consulted a very old ayurvedic doctor.

Story sexy Breast

He is the best in this state. He gave this oil to apply on my throat for one day. If still it was not cured, he told that it can be cured only by a natural medicine" I stopped there and looked at Kavitha's face. She asked eagerly, "what is that medicine Kumar". I asked "Are you really believe in ayurvedic treatment kavi? Now tell what medicine you have to take, if it is not cured by today? I hesitated for some time and told "Don't mistake me Kavi. He asked me to drink breast milk continously for three days. He told that only the natural medicine in the breast milk will cure my throat pain".

Kavitha's face became red because of shyness and kept quiet keeping her head down. Then she told "I pray to god that you will get cured by today itself". Without talking to me, she went to her bedroom. She is afraid that i will ask her milk, thats why she left immediately. I smiled inside and went back to my room. I simply apply the ayurvedic oil at my throat and slept. By afternoon, Kavitha woke me up for lunch. She asked me "How is the pain Kumar". I pretended that i was not able to speak and showed in sign that it was paining very much. Then again i went to sleeping. By evening, Kavitha woke me up again. She was carrying a glass with full of milk.

She told me "Kumar. You are nice friend of mine. I dont want to see you suffering from pain. So, as the doctor said, i pour my breast milk in this glass for you. I told her slowly, showing pain in my face. But doctor told that I should drink directly from breast. Then only the medicine will work. I think it will be ok by tonight". Kavitha's face again became red with shyness and without saying a word, she returned back to her bedroom. That night, i acted that i was so tired and showed pain in my face. Kavitha was very much worried about me and she really felt sorry for me.

At night 10 pm. Kavitha was watching a t. I changed myself only to a lungi, removed my underwear. I took the tomato ketchup bottle and slowly went to bathroom. I poured lot of tomato ketchup in the bathroom floor and again kept back the ketchup bottle in the kitchen. Again i went to bathroom and made loud sound like vomitting. The sound was too much that, Kavitha run from her bedroom to the bathroom. She got shocked to see that I was vomiting and floor was full of blood. Kavitha cried "Oh my god. I think your throat problem has become worst. So, Kavitha hold me tightly, so that i wont fell. She also pour water in the floor to clean the blood.

I acted like i lost my consciousness and rest my head in her right breast. How soft it is I also slowly untie my lungi, without seen by Kavitha.

Kavitha took me back to my bedroom slowly. On the way itself, my lungi fell down seyx my cock was jumping half raised. Kavitha saw my cock and her eyes popped out. She was thinking how big and beautiful it was. She slowly laid me in the bed and sat near me. She got confused what to do next and was thinking for some time. After that she slowly lift my head Breasst kept in her thigh. She removed her last two buttons of the blowse and took out her big, beautiful right breast. I was watching this by my half closed eyes.

Her breast looked heavy and nipple was also very big and also long. I understood that it was full of tasty milk. She slowly opened my mouth and pushed her big brown nipple inside my mouth. I started sucking it. Yummy, The milk was very tasty. It started pouring like a waterfall inside my mouth. It was after the baby started getting indigestion that the Brdast event happened. One evening, there was nobody at home except mother and the baby and myself. I was scared out of my wits that mother knows what I am doing. I could not say anything.

She did not say what changed the milk. Do you want some milk too? I just sat quiet. You are also my seexy and I have given you milk from these breasts before. So I do not mind storh feed storj again from these breasts. Tonight, after everybody is asleep, you can suck my storj and stoory your desire. But you must promise not to watch anymore when I feed the baby and not to tell anybody about this. But I was eagerly waiting for the night. Our village house was small, as all other houses. There was a kitchen and one room and a verandah outside. My father always slept in the verandah because it was cooler there.

The front door was latched inside and if he wants to come in, he will have to knock and wake somebody to open the door. Me, my mother, my two sisters and the baby all slept in the one room side by side. That was the arrangement in all houses in the villages. My heart was pounding with anticipation as I followed her to the kitchen. There she laid down and asked me to lie beside her. Then she unbuttoned her blouse and thrust her right nipple in my mouth. I eagerly took her nipple between my lips and started pressing it. But milk was not coming. It has been a long time. Here, take more of my breast in your mouth and suck on it. Then you will get milk. My mother drew me closer to her and hugged me.

After few minutes, when milk stopped coming from her right breast, mother asked me to take her left breast in my mouth and I enjoyed milk from that breasts until it was also empty. Come; let us go to the hall before somebody wakes up. It is so warm and soft in my mouth. Only a little while. Then I cupped her other breast in my hand and started caressing it. I did not watch her when she fed the baby, but I kept looking at her breasts all other times. When she saw me looking at her breast, mother smiled gently and adjusted her sari so that it fell between her breasts and both her breasts were exposed to my view.

I was thrilled and enjoyed the nice movements her breasts made inside her blouse as she moved about. I also noticed that her nipples were more prominent than usual today and that made my mother look lovelier. That night, I was lying in my bed, impatiently waiting for my mother to call me. We laid down side by side and mother opened her blouse for me. I hugged her tight and took her right breast in my mouth and sucked her milk. There was lot more milk than the previous day in both of her breasts. But why did they become erect Ma? That is why her nipples become erect. Now enough of this talking. I simply obeyed her. You can continue when I come back, Ok? After fifteen minutes she came back.

This time, I unbuttoned her blouse and instead of sucking her breasts, I kissed them fondly. I sat against the wall and asked my mother to lean on me and cupped her breasts from behind and gently fondled them. I caressed her nipples slowly and they became erect. I kissed her neck moving her mangal sutra aside. I could feel my mother trembling against me. Mummy has some milk now in her breasts. Just suck it and let us go to sleep. I sucked all the sweet warm milk out of them and then we went to sleep.

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