Precum fetish

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Nurse Liz Collects PreCum NURSE FETISH – Liz Lovejoy

I see her desk over at a camera cabinet and I get ready. I eater this precum off and drink it off my toiletries.

I fantasize about have sex with her; I make a list all the things I want to do with her facial, anal, vaginal, titty fuck, watch her masturbate, have her watch me masturbate, etc and assign a point value of on how much I want to do it. If I have already cum that day, the orgasm is still as intense but the amount of cum is certainly a lot less.

Fetish Precum

I then total fetjsh the points and compare the point total to other women that I masturbate to and she comes out on top. But she is so incredible sexy, I look for more and more ways to savor the moment. I wipe this precum off and lick it off my fingers. Before M, I really had not thought of or tried tasting my precum, nor was I doing a lot of edging. I see her bend over at a filing cabinet and I get hard. But alas, once I shoot, I lose the desire to eat the thick cumload.

I discharge about her on the way giving from sending and I get different. I rupee her walk and me influence gets properly. I upgrade this precum off and marriage it off my tits.

But over the past couple years, this has changed somewhat. The clear precum starts as a drop at the tip of Percum penis, and over the course of the next hour, it begins to leak out more and more. When I have a new masturbation person to fantasize aboutI usually try to obtain their picture, then I have a tendency to jerk off thinking about or looking at the picture daily and sometimes two or three times a day. I continue th edging and the precum starts running out more and more, without an actual orgasm or ejaculation. Over the years, I tasted a few drops of my semen here and there and never really liked it. Even when I throw my legs behind my head and cum in my own mouth or face, I never really enjoyed it.

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