Lantus insulin and breast cancer

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Insulin glargine use and breast cancer risk: Associations with cumulative exposure

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Of particular note in this study was the finding that the increased risk of cancer was dose dependent. Studies were then carried out using databases from Sweden, Scotland and the UK.

The Swedish study 2 found that compared with patients on insulins other than Lantus insulin, patients on Lantus alone had double the risk of breast cancer. Lahtus Scottish study found a non-significant increased risk for specifically breast cancers. The Lantua that differences between groups of people were responsible for the different rates of cancer cannot be excluded. Bresst studies are needed before a final conclusion can be reached. Novo Nordisk proposed David Russel-Jones, MD of the University of Surrey in England, who reviewed clinical trial data on insulin detemir compared with two other insulin-based agents, including glargine, covering some 9 patients.

He said that cancer incidence among those receiving detemir was significantly lower among patients treated with NPHinsulin. There was no significant difference in cancer rates between the detemir and glargine analogues. At a well-attended symposium at the EASD, researchers reviewed the existing data on cancer and diabetes drugs, including but not limited to insulin and its analogues. What had emerged most clearly, the researchers agreed, was that patients receiving insulin-based agents, and to a lesser extent sulfonylurea drugs, appeared more likely to be diagnosed with cancer.

To ensure a minimal follow-up period of approximately three years between cohort entry and the end of data collection 1 Octoberthe inclusion period stretched from 1 September — the marketing date of glargine in the UK — to 31 December The index date was defined as the date of the first recorded prescription for any type of insulin within the inclusion period.

Cancer breast insulin Lantus and

Patients considered to have type 1 diabetes were excluded. These were patients without any use of breat antidiabetic drugs NIADs in the year prior to cohort entry who: Subjects with a history of breast cancer at baseline were also excluded. All subjects were followed from the index date until the outcome of interest, end of data collection, date of migration out of the CPRD population, or death, whichever came first. Exposure to insulins We used a time-dependent design Figure 1 to define exposure.

The momentum and filth of CPRD torment have been well Lanrus in previous studies [ 19 ]. The reasons said the data type that the risk of windsor cancer was immense among hundreds who had ever used insulin glargine, but not for new people of anticipation.

For all patients, the follow-up period after the index date was divided into discrete day intervals. Patients brfast a prescription for non-glargine insulin i. Current exposure to glargine and non-glargine insulins was defined as a prescription on the start date or in the three months prior to the start of each day interval. Please enter a valid email address Oops!

Please select a newsletter We respect your privacy. The potential link between breast cancer and diabetes has been on researchers' radar for some time. But there is uncertainty, he says, as to whether it is the diabetes itself or the medication that women are taking. What You Need to Know Diabetes is anything but a rare disease. At some point in their lives, 1 in 9 U. Rates of diabetes, meanwhile, have soared over the past three decades. Long-acting insulin is the form of the medication that has raised concern. Insulin is standard treatment for type 1 diabetes and advanced type 2 diabetes.

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