Why am i never in the mood for sex

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Why am I never in the mood for sex anymore?

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If your partner is keeping you up, talk with him about ways to diminish his snoring like losing weight and avoiding alcohol in the evening, for example.

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That should be good enough incentive for him! You have an overactive bladder. Miller believes that orgasm may cause a slight blip in communication between the brain and bladder. For some women, orgasm may override these messages and, as a result, they release a small amount of urine during sex. Making a pit stop before sex may reduce the chances of a spill, since involuntary bladder contractions are often triggered by volume, she says.

You can also talk to your doctor about getting a prescription for medications like Detrol or Ditropan, used to treat overactive bladder. As levels drop, the vaginal tissue thins and dries out, which can make sex painful enough to make yhe want to opt out for good. For many women, tue drop in estrogen alone explains a dive in libido. But other aspects of menopause may also leave you feeling unsexy: Menopause typically occurs around age 51, but some surgeries and chemotherapy can trigger it earlier, which may put even more of a damper on desire. What that all means for libido is that women find it harder to move from a mundane moment into a sexual, let's-have-intercourse moment - and that, if they find it difficult to make the adjustment, they may feel there's something wrong with them.

It's tempting to try to rationalise the facts - such as they are - of human libido by looking at the biological factors.

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mopd Physiologically, after all, humankind needs male libido: There have been studies showing that female orgasm aids conception, but the effect was only marginal. Once we hit the peri-menopause, our physiology has no reason at all to be furnishing us with a high sex drive. But that argument is too simplistic. Some women do indeed report feeling more sexy around the time of ovulation as you'd expect, from a biological point of view. But other women, especially those in a new relationship, report feeling horny all month long. And many women find that pregnancy is one of the times when they feel most turned on.

What in heaven's name could be the point of that, if female libido were only about procreation? How to Fix it: Block off time for rest.

Mark it on your calendar, guard it with your im, and then use it well. Delegate what you can. Click here to get two weeks free Do something fun and relaxing. Go sit at Starbucks by yourself for a half an hour. Go shopping with girlfriends. You sexx be surprised how much a little time away can really rejuvenate you. Pregnancy, mmood, depression, thyroid levels, birth control srx other medications… these sxe all physical conditions that can have nver major impact on us physically, emotionally and sexually. Not to mention the natural rise and fall our hormones experience as we go through our cycles every month.

Not only do conditions like these reduce sexual desire, but they can even make sex uncomfortable, painful or even impossible at times, which in turn just reduces your libido even more. Besides, doctors are totally used to questions like these. Hopefully the problem is a quick fix, such as using a little extra lubrication or taking a simple vitamin or hormonal supplement. Even if the problem is bigger, however, you will want to know so you can do something about it. This post talks about that more: Talk to your physician or psychiatrist to see if other drugs or another type of treatment might have fewer side effects.

Love Hurts Sex should be enjoyable for both parties. Unfortunately, thirty percent of women reported pain the last time they had intercourse, according to the National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior. This could be due to anything from lack of foreplay to a genital infection. Seeing a sex therapist or asking your doctor about Viagra can get help get you back in the sack.

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