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Killajewel tits Dj

This is why artists have a rider. We has the same thing when Skribble came in. Could he do it on our gear? Why risk it though, he can say screw you, my gear was wack, i'm not gonna perform and where is my money. However, we have a ton of big names DJs that play out at our club, and none of them have an issue with our equipment, even if their rider says differently. I guess also the fact that they are regulars at our club, so they know exactly what we have, so their rider isn't as important to them.

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Also, this was Rap's first time in our club so I suppose we should have rented the gits. I guess the whole point of my story was that she had no clue how to work the s. But she was in a Twix commercial I would still like to look at her a bit

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