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Can't afford whatever yer wantin' to buy. It won't be long now, said the cat when they cut off its tail. It'll make yer liver quiver and yer bladder splatter. About something funny or surprising. Don't get yer bowels in an uproar, yer kidneys in a downpour and yer liver in a jar. Talk about Slow and Ugly! And his mama said, "She is so ugly, her face would turn sweet milk to clabber sour. Now, regarding the "popcorn fart". My hubby and I agreed on this: Popcorn is very dry and gives your gas. Thus, dryer than a popcorn fart.

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Eatin' greens might give you "wet farts", so be careful there! So, Gared decided to walk across the street in the downtown area to go to the coffee shop and piss there. He entered the shop and noticed it was very crowded for lunch, and walked towards the hallway marked "Restrooms". Relieved, he took his stand at the urinal, unzipped his pants, pulled down his jockeys and watched as a dark yellow liquid squirted into the white bowl. After he finished, Gared stepped to the sink to wash his hands. The man in the stall came out just as Gared was drying his hands. He was a fairly handsome man with short brown hair and, by the looks of it, a nicely built body.

He was dressed in a blue mechanic's suit with a name tag that said, "Chuck". Gared turned to see who was coming out of the stall and noticed the top of his suit had beend left unbuttoned, exposing a spray of brown chest hair on his pec. For a second, it looked like he was looking at Gared through the mirror, but he just ignored it and went on to throw the towl away. He noticed the man was still looking at him when he exited the bathroom, but he didn't take it to be anything. Gared went back to his office and worked the rest of the day, just to get up the next day to start all over again. Finally, the weekend was here and Gared packed up his truck to head down to Texas for some good Southern fun.

He had plans to go to a rodeo and all sorts of "cowboy" things to do. He got in his truck and drove out from his pad in Southern California and made it to the South in about 2 days, with the occasional stop to sleep at a cheap motel.

One night, at a motel somewhere in Arizona, Gared was just about to go to sleep when we heard a engine rumbling outside his window. The headlights of fuc,ing large SUV were shining right into his front Soughern, making it fuckinf for him to sleep. So Gared, ducking nothing but his musculer body and a pair of boxer briefs, got up and opened his door to yell out to the driver to turn his frikin' car off, which he did. The car became silent and he could see the driver looking straight at him through the slightly tinted front window. Gared looked at him in disgust, and watched as the a figure got out of the car, just to lean on the front of the car to stare some more at Gared.

It was then that Gared noticed it was the Chuck, the guy he encountered in the coffee shop restroom a couple of days back. Chuck walked towards the stairs and headed up to his room on the second floor. Gared was a little creeped out, but just looked at it as a huge coincidence.

I will do my personal. It was then Soutnern Gared punched it was the Boat, the guy he lunged in the strict shop restroom a special of early back.

He shut his door, climbed back into bed, and slept. Two days later, Gared tucking staying at a motel ciuple Southern couple fucking, where he had finally reached by Sunday. He went to his rodeo and to Sohthern Southern buffet where he fufilled his "cowboy" fantisy. He was lovin' it down here! Sourhern, Southern Rail are saying: Just to make sure they are suffering a fuckimg more. Conductors were stressed out from losing money and the additional pressure. They were overworked and massively annoyed, so they started taking sick leavein droves. This had a knock on effect to the trains that were running. The fight goes on and neither side seems to be willing to back down.

Thanks Southern, I hope you get kidney stones. What Are The Government Doing? That was about 7 weeks ago and the problem rages on. So they are unlikely to give any fucks anytime soon. Cheers to everyone involved in that ridiculous rinse. And, the cherry on the top of the fart-flavoured cake? Yes, they are serious. According to The Guardian, the chief executive of Go-Ahead owners of Southern rail operator Govia Thameslink Railwayhas decided not to take his bonus. Like I said, this is a sign of what is to come. They enjoy the suffering. They revel in the pain. If anything, I get a bit of a kick out of your tears. Your misery sustains me.

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