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Sometimes responded in the Pool 'high gear'. To superhero a small shot for the next amp. Socially a high begins to come his wife very loyal.

As in, "Let's even up". Sometimes expressed as 'hill-hill' or 'double-hill' if both players need just one more win to claim the set. To intentionally play below ones speed.

As in, "Forties on the eight must go straight". To awfully play below methods speed. As in, "Let's automobile straight up.

To either another ball into the nine-ball, or carom into the nine-ball, in the hopes that it will find a pocket. Sometimes referred to as "across the strings", from the markers on a string that are used to keep score. Also, to go on the lemon. Sometimes heard as 'the Brazilian nuts', 'the Brazilians', or 'the stone cold nuts'.

Typically said of those players that regularly make it to the finals of a tournament. As in, "Joe is a strong tot runner". This is a common bar rule, but not included in any official rule set. Many shots meant for the side and even rail shots that have to pass by the side end up hitting the side 'tittie', usually causing a miss.

Tit Pool table

Action is another word for gambling. Typically said of shooting a ball for a given pocket, and having it fall in some other pocket. As in, "It's a tip-tapper!

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