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Yet, she still had very little clue on how to give a good hand job. The position of his Kinkky in his ass is similar to the position of your G Spot in your vagina. Both can feel fantastic but are very different. Does he slow down or loosen his grip and he is cumming? Use a pumice stone on tough callouses. That is all going to change!

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Otherwise, you may injure him. You should be super light here, allowing them to fall through your fingers and gently tickling them with your fingertips. Check it out here to learn how. When you combine The Ring with The Escalator technique that I mentioned above, it can feel both exhilarating for your man and very different to any other hand job technique. As you lie down beside him and get him to jerk himself off, take note of: This sounds like quite a slow process, but it is much more pleasurable the faster you do it. Many guys feel the same when you are giving them a hand job or blow job.

But, you can also do it for much longer if you are sitting down on the sofa watching TV or just lying in bed together. Now I want you to imagine all the hot, nasty, filthy things I could do to you as I jerk you off.

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Take his balls into your mouth while using your hand s to milk him. Just tell him what you are doing, let him know how it feels and ask him for some feedback. Doing this is excruciatingly painful for him.

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