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Causes of Large Breasts in Females & Ways to Make them Smaller

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Author Florence Williams has recently sparked debate with her new book Breasts: Moreover, certain strength training exercises are specially designed to reduce fat from the chest region. If you are a female who is not comfortable with large breasts, then there are several ways in which they can be made smaller in size.

Williams had her own breast milk tested and found it contained an ingredient typically found in jet fuel, as well as chemical flame retardants at levels 10 to times higher than in European women. It is necessary to take medical opinion regarding the surgical procedure and risks associated with it. Hormones — Hormones, especially estrogen hormones are on the rise when a girl undergoes puberty and this too can be a cause of large breast in females. Aerobic exercises are quite effective in reducing fat tissues around the breasts and can help to make them smaller.

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If your mother has breasts which are large in size, there are more than 70 percent chances that you too will have large breasts as you grow up. Flaxseeds are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which help reduce estrogen levels in the body thereby also having a negative effect on breasts making them smaller in size. Especially when you take into account the reasons why our boobs are seemingly growing. It gives a very good shape to your breasts. Ways to Make Large Breasts Smaller? Breasts are mammary glands mainly made up of glandular and adipose tissues.

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Massage — Massaging the breasts properly with coconut oil offer positive results to make them smaller. Take some fenugreek seeds and soak them in water overnight. And it just so happens, girls are developing breasts and going through arf earlier than ever before. Natural Ways to Make Breasts Smaller If you are not too keen on undergoing surgery to reduce the size of your breasts and make it smaller you can use these natural ways to make large breasts smaller in size. Pregnancy - Even when a woman is pregnant or lactates, she may notice that her breasts have become larger in size mainly due to the secretion of milk in them.

Here are the causes of large breasts in females along with natural tips to make them smaller in size.

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