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Breast Implant Sizes: What Are My Options, and How Do I Choose?

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Moderate Versus High The profile of a breast implant influences how full your breasts look, but in a different way than volume or shape.

Implants with a moderate Breast size with implants are flatter, while high-profile implants are higher and more rounded. This means that if you have high-profile implants, your breasts will have more projection and look more prominent than if you have moderate-profile implants. Moderate implants typically look more natural, but, again, many women like the dramatic, push-up look that comes with high-profile breast implants. These types of choices are completely up to you, and your board-certified surgeon will be able to help. IDEAL saline breast implants have a special multi-layer shell that gives them a much more natural feel.

IDEAL implants give you the natural feel and look of silicone, with the safety of saline. Saline implants are considered safer because saline is similar to the liquid that is naturally present in cells. If a saline implant ruptures, the excess liquid is safely absorbed by the body. If a silicone implant ruptures, the silicone gel is not absorbed and must be removed. In both cases the implant must be replaced. You can choose from round and teardrop-shaped implants in several different profiles, with volumes up to CCs. This includes low, moderate, and high profiles; round and teardrop-shaped bases; and volumes up to CCs.

These are silicone implants made from a cohesive silicone gel that has a firmer texture than older gel formulations. This means that if an implant ruptures, the gummy bear gel will hold its shape better. All of these implant brands are similar in terms of quality, and all are FDA-approved for use in the U. As CCs is approximately equivalent to one cup size for the average woman, the CC difference between these 2 brands equates to less than a full cup size. The main things that might influence your choice include: Even if you are limited to small-diameter implants for this reason, you can still choose high-profile implants to achieve more fullness.

Cup Size Like all plastic surgery, breast implant sizing is an art and a science. To understand sizing, many factors must be considered. First is the aesthetic you wish to achieve.

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Aesthetics are often communicated in bra cup sizes, but more exact descriptions of desired breast shape and areas of fullness are important to consider. Often, a representative photo of desirable augmented breasts is useful to convey the look you want to achieve. Remember, each bra company calculates bra sizes differently, so using cup size alone as a parameter can lead to miscommunication between us. Improperly fitted breast implants can lead to poor breast aesthetics. On the left, the narrow implant does not create nice cleavage or upper breast fullness.

On the right, the implant is too wide and overwhelms the breast and normal breast aesthetics are lost. Also, wide breast implants can contribute to tissue thinning and implant visibility in the form of visible ripples. Trying-on implants will give you and us a rough idea of the volume measured in c. Also, you can simulate implant try-on at home by filling your new bra with material and assessing your appearance wearing a variety of tops. But, please heed this caution: Vectra 3-D Computer Simulations We were one of the first centers in the world to have the Vectra 3-D computer breast augmentation simulator.

This tool is invaluable in explaining breast augmentation options and implants to our patients. In Breast Width The next key steps in breast implant sizing are a bit more scientific. You need to know the dimensions of your breasts and chest. Think of these measurements as your real breast size. Rather, you select your new dress to fit your body and shape, greatly dependent on your predetermined size. Your key dimension for determining your breast size is the width of your breast. The breast width is measured in centimeters from the cleavage area to the outer part of your breast, next to your arm.

This is measured in a straight line and is not curved around the arc of your breast. Fitting Breast Implant Diameter to Breast Width Once you know the width of your breasts you can now consider the dimensions of breast implants that would be best for you- An implant slightly narrower or about the same width as the width of your breast is usually a good choice and should fit you well. So, if your breasts are 12 cm wide, you should choose a breast implant with a diameter of about 12 cm. But, it is best to select an implant that is slightly narrower, rather than wider than your breast. So, in the case of a cm wide breast, an implant with a diameter from cm should be satisfactory.

Size with implants Breast

Breast Tissue Thickness Is Important Another important Breasst is the thickness of the tissues of your breasts. A Portland woman with thick breast tissues may be able to accommodate a wider Brest than a Brsast with thin breast Breast size with implants. This wize relates to how the implant interacts with and stretches the breast siae and skin, especially over time. In thin Portland patients, wide implants are more likely to stretch and thin the tissues, leading to less padding over the implant Beast causing visible implanrs ripples.

Sixe the breast tissues are very thin, then a narrower implant should be selected. So, an implant with a diameter about Shaped, Gummy Bear Wjth Sizing Cohesive, gummy bear, implants come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The concepts for sizing shaped implants are the same sizw those for round implants. Breast width is still a critical measurement. But, the difference with shaped implant is that another key dimension is fitted- the height of the breast. Therefore, Portland women with short breasts may find that a low height implant lmplants the best. Those that desire extra fullness at the top of the breast will choose a tall Breas implant. For many, a medium height implant will be the best choice.

During your consultation at pour office in Portland, our surgeons will perform a thorough breast examination which will include measuring your breasts and soft tissue thickness. This information is then used to help determine which implant will fit you the best. To do this accurately, all dimensions of the implant must be considered. The second is implant diameter, which should be slightly less than the measured width of your breast. The third implant dimension is outward projection, which generally follows the diameter of implant you need. The fourth, for shaped implants, is implant height.

Generally, selecting implant dimensions that are slightly less than the actual dimensions of your breast will result in natural appearing breasts. If the implant dimensions exceed the natural dimensions and borders of the breasts then the breasts will be distorted by the implants and have a more unnatural, augmented look. Intra-Operative Sizing In some cases, the ideal breast implant size is not completely clear based on our pre-operative planning. In these cases, we perform the ultimate implant try-on. That is, we will try different implants in the O. This is a simple thing to do and only adds a few minutes to your surgery.

After the implant pocket is surgically created within your breasts, the sizing implant is placed. Then the results are assessed by one of our surgeons and they choose the size that is closest to your wishes. The sizer implant is removed and the permanent implants are placed. Words of Caution About Breast Implant Size The size and aesthetics you wish to achieve with your breast augmentation are very personal choices and are up to you. However, many issues should be considered in determining your size. Do I want my breasts to look natural; a little augmented; or obviously augmented? How will my breast implants affect my lifestyle, such as athletic activities?

How will my breast implants affect available bra and clothing choices? How will my breast implants affect the health and aging of my breasts? Will my breast implants put me at high risk for having visible implant ripples? Will my breast implants put me at high risk for needing a breast lift later in life? Will my breast implants affect posture and lead to back and shoulder pain, such as can occur in women with very large, natural breasts?

Will the size I am choosing now be desirable for me 10 or 20 years from now? Generally, very large breast implants will obviously look unnatural and will put you at risk for many of the problems listed above. That is, very large implants will likely cause accelerated aging of the breasts that may lead to sagging, tissue thinning, implant visibility including visible ripplesand the need to re-operate to treat these problems. In severe cases, such problems may not be correctable with additional surgery. We can help you with your breast implant sizing to reduce these risks.

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