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They may be stabled in a barn where there are bars or a grille between stalls where they stallioh look out and see other animals. A more complex and costly surgical procedure can sometimes correct the condition and restore the animal's fertility, though it is only cost-effective for a horse that has very high potential as a breeding stallion. Overall, stallions can be trained to keep focused on work and maybe brilliant performers if properly handled.

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The leadership role in a Erext is held by a mareknown colloquially as the "lead mare" or "boss mare. Stallions are often shown together in the same ring at stalllion showsparticularly in halter classes where their conformation is evaluated. Colts may present competition for the stallion, but studies suggest that driving off young horses of both sexes may also be an instinctive behavior that minimizes the risk of inbreeding within the herd, as most young are the offspring of the dominant stallion in the group. Some may become highly protective of their mares and thus more aggressive and dangerous to handle.

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Genitourinary system of a stallion See also: This sometimes is addressed by keeping stallon in complete isolation from other animals. People sometimes have inaccurate beliefs about stallions, both positive and negative. Nor, in natural settings, do they fight each other to the death in competition for mares. A Swiss study demonstrated that even mature breeding stallions kept well away from other horses could live peacefully together in a herd setting if proper precautions were taken while the initial herd hierarchy was established. In Europe, Australia, and the Americas, keeping stallions is less common, primarily confined to purebred animals that are usually trained and placed into competition to test their quality as future breeding stock.

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