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Harry discusses buyy past incident involving a would-be rapist with an erection. Bare breasts when Harry Adut a romantic interlude. A patrol past a block of San Francisco strip shows and sex parlors. Harry gets a coy proposition from a young homosexual. Language The f-word once. Consumerism Touristy element in the prominent display of San Francisco landmarks. A Coca Cola sign. A liquor store purchase-robbery. What parents need to know Parents need to know that while this classic police thriller inspired a video game and numerous other PG Hollywood cop-opera shoot-em-ups, it was intended as a very adult film, with frank swearing and occasional full-frontal nudity -- often in the context of a decadent community crawling with degeneracy and lawlessness.

Violence includes bloody shootings, stabbings, and even schoolchildren threatened. For all the action, the movie doesn't exactly make police work appealing as a career path especially the bitter last scene. Stay up to date on new reviews. Get full reviews, ratings, and advice delivered weekly to your inbox.

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You need to take your lesson from this case and stop your illegal activities or you may get caught and land yourself in serious problem. A lot of noise is being made about data breaches in India. Does that mean that it does not happen in the West, or any other parts of the world? BS Your question raises a crucial issue of perception. The industry has grown from scratch to its present leading position in just under a decade, and so any data breach reported in India gets extensive media coverage worldwide.

This does not mean that such events happen only in India. They occur all over the world, but the incidents are either not reported or are reported on a low key. I could answer your question in a different way. They happen all the time and are tracked, investigated, prosecuted and convicted by law enforcement agencies. In the West too, there are various instances of data theft and breaches that come to the forefront. Recently, a case of data breach concerning the United States Navy was reported. The personal data of oversailors was found on a public website. Over 1, discs containing the information were mailed out to naval commands as well. Stealing of the data affects both active and reserve personnel as well as aviators serving the US Navy in the last 20 years.

On an earlier occasion a few months back, the US Navy had found that social security numbers and other personal data of 28, sailors and their family members were found on a civilian website. This puts to risk thousands of Navy soldiers whose personal data could be misused. Instances like these happen all over the world. It is really essential for the companies concerned to take appropriate security precautions to ensure that their data is not misused. I like to view pornographic sites. I have saved some of them on my office computer, when I work late at the office. I have a folder collection on my computer, which is also sometimes accessed by my friends.

Am I doing something illegal? ABC This is definitely an illegal on various grounds. Firstly, it is tantamount to publishing obscene electronic information. When you save pornographic information on your computer, you are actually publishing the electronic lascivious information.

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