Green liquid coming out of dogs penis

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My Dog Has Pus Coming From His Penis

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Four month comibg maltese dog and her vulva is swollen hi i have a 4 month old maltese and her vulva is swollen is she close to heat also,i need some breeding advice about a female maltese 4 months old unspayed want to breed her in the feature contact me at trinaslilpookies. This dog found me. I began taking care of her.

I don't know anything about her, except I believe that she is pregnant. I am an old past breeder of German Sheppard, and she is showing signs of being pregnant. Also, how do I create a place for welching as she is not familiar with me? She has been staying in the house at night. If there is sperm present, it will tend to look whiter and thicker. We will discuss some different types of discharge from a canine penis, but there is one which should always be of concern.

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If your dog has a blood red discharge coming from their penis or if they have blood in their urineit is likely due to a serious condition. This could be an underlying pathology, an infection or as the result of some sort of trauma. Whatever the cause, you will need to take the dog to a vet for diagnosis. Yellow discharge from a dog's penis Many dog groomers will have to shave around the prepuce to get an even look. If they are careful they will be able to do this with no problem. Doing this is often a good time to check for abnormal discharge. The aforementioned urine stains are normal and to be expected. However, the consistency is important to look at. Viscous discharge will not be from urine which should be water like in consistency.

Yellowish secretions from a dog's penis may be due to smegma. In mammals, smegma is a secretion which appears on the outside reproductive organs. It is made from skin cells, moisture and oils acting as a lubrication. It can be any range of yellow, but is not often very deep in color.

Out Green of dogs penis coming liquid

Smegma is often accompanied by a peniw smell, but it should not fo very strong. In rare occasions, a dog may simply create a large amount of smegma. When this occurs, the dog may decide to lick it from their genitals themselves. There should be no concern if this yellowish substance is present as its presence is not a symptom of a problem. Licking of the genitals is not a good indicator of a health issue as dogs will do it as part of their self-grooming routine.

However, excessive licking may be a concern. Green discharge from a dog's penis While smegma is a normal secretion of a dog's penis, it will rarely be of a green color. However, it may look a little greenish depending on how much dirt is on the organ. What is more important is to differentiate between normal and abnormal discharge. Smegma is not normally abundant and is of a thick, almost buttery consistency. Fresh smegma will generally be of a thinner consistency than older secretions. Dog doesn't empty bladder regularly Our 11 year old chocolate lab is not emptying her bladder.

We have had every test and x-ray done on her and still nothing is showing. Our vet seems to think that her brain is not telling her bladder to empty. Have your heard of this and if so what can be done? Her bladder is always full and she doesn't know that she has to go. She finally goes but not enough to empty her bladder so she leaks urine all the time. What could cause reoccuring dog urinary tract Infections? I have a old, spayed, Bichon Frise. She is prone to urinary tract infections. My vet believes it is because of dirt that attaches to her vagina when she is out going potty - we have a lawn with some bare spots.

Antibiotics cure the infection, but it always comes back because the "dirt" always comes back. Would a cranberry supp. Please any idea of what it is and how to cure? High dog urine pH, should I worry?

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