Reglas swinger

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Directions To The Red Rooster

This sincerity is only very Friday and Saturday. Whirling will only be bad at and in sackers without a "No Virginia" certification from now on. Everywhere is a duplex area beside the united table and a heating area in front of the discriminating pool where smokers may properly indulge.

One person may go down to the bar to get drinks, but is expected to return upstairs as soon as possible. There are no smoking or drinking in the play rooms. This area is only open Friday and Saturday. You must bring your own booze.

If you forget, we can swinyer you to a liquor store in the area or you can make friends and they may order your drinks from our bartenders. No touching without permission. If you ask someone for a phone number, to dance, or to play and they say no, don't ask again. If they change their mind, they will ask you. No Drugs of any kind on the Red Rooster property!

Bring your own camper. No touching without judgment.

This includes in the parking lot. You will be removed from the house for having drugs or being suspected swlnger having drugs. We have an upper level, and a lower level parking lot. Parking is first come, first serve. Parking on the street leaves your vehicle subject to possible vandalism. Do so at your own risk. Everyone is allowed in the Group room. The Group Room is a play area, and a voyeur area.

Swinger Reglas

If you are in the Reglas swinger room and not playing you are NOT allowed on the beds. If you are standing and watching then please do it quietly. Once you are done playing please leave quietly. No drinks or smoking is allowed in the group room. If you take towels in the group room pick them up as you leave. We provide lockers for small valuables behind the front serving bar. The bartender keeps the key and you get a number to remember. We also provide larger lockers to the left of the indoor pool. This is returned to you when you return the lock. Any private lock left on after the party will be removed.

If a bathroom or bedroom door is closed, it must remain closed. You will find us in Adeje, San Eugenio. Parking available in the street and nearby the highway is a big free parking place just 6 min. We are the biggest Swingers club bar in Tenerife, and Canary Islands, with a total of M2 swingers fun. Mystique comprises of a bar disco with secluded romantic corners, sofas and dance floor. We are proud of the way our club is designed to give maximum pleasure and relaxing atmosphere.

Everyone is welcome for a drink in our bar, you do not have to be a experienced swinger to join dwinger. The friendly and international staff will be there should you need any help or guidance if you are new and curious about the swingers scene. Sex games are possible everywhere in the club!! Smoking is NOT allowed inside the Club, we have a smokers area at the door and in the back of the club parts with open air! There is NO obligation to have sex with anyone!

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