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Study Design This study was a mixed-methods, exploratory evaluation geens test the feasibility of using HSTA teens to disseminate the iCook 4-H program, a childhood obesity prevention program for youth 9—10 years old and their primary adult food preparer. The program was focused on the promotion of cooking, eating and playing together for healthful lifestyles. Semi-structured interviews and surveys were collected from participants at baseline, during and post intervention. The iCook 4-H program was delivered in eight West Virginia high schools. Between the eight schools, a total of 43 teens were involved in delivering the iCook 4-H curriculum to a total of 24 youth-adult dyads.

Initially 26 dyads signed consent forms with 24 participating in baseline assessments. Of the baseline dyads, A participant flowchart is represented in Figure 1.

All information contained in this guide is updated and correct as of June Every effort has been made to provide the most update and complete information possible for each program. For the sake of this guide we have highlighted a number of activities provided by the matnasim in the different sections that may be of interest to you. Below please find a list of the centers in areas most densely populated by Anglos. If a Matnas in your neighborhood is not listed here rest assured that one does exist and you can ask others in your community or your Aliyah counselor for its contact details.

Baka- 3 Yissaschar Street,www. Young men in Haiti meet together for religious instruction to understand their duty to serve others. Youth ages 12 through 17 meet in classes each Sunday for religious instruction and once a week for social activities including service projects, sports, camping and dances. Young men and women are also given leadership positions in which they learn leadership skills such as setting goals, planning group activities and solving problems. Girls enjoying a group activity on a Pacific Ocean beach.

McKenna, a year-old girl from Farmington, Utah, commented on her experience of being a young woman leader. Girls camp is a summertime highlight for many young women in the Church.

For most of a week in the mountains, the desert, teebs beaches and other locations, they enjoy activities that refine their outdoor skills and strengthen them spiritually to stay firmly connected to the values in the gospel oorgi Jesus Christ. Angela, one of the adult leaders, is the middle person in the canoe. The Holy Spirit has a way of touching the hearts of the young women at girls camp, said Angela, an adult leader in the Young Women program in South Jordan, Utah. The girls are inspired to share something about their families or the gospel, which is often life-changing.

Explain to your teen that the doctor likely will: Review medical history Go over the risks and benefits of different types of birth control The doctor will also conduct a pelvic exam if your teen chooses an intrauterine contraception method. Make sure your teen understands that prescription birth control isn't a replacement for condoms.

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Prescription birth control helps prevent pregnancy, but it doesn't offer protection from sexually transmitted infections. Emergency birth control Explain to your teen that it's always a good idea to make a decision about birth control before having sex. However, emergency contraception — such as the morning-after pill levonorgestrel Plan B One-Step, Next Choice One Dose, Take Action or ulipristal ella — can help prevent pregnancy if your teen doesn't plan ahead or contraception fails. Plan B One-Step is available over-the-counter without a prescription. Next Choice One Dose and Take Action, are available over-the-counter for those age 17 and older and by prescription for girls younger than age

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