Rise system deck penetrations

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The compressive strength of XPS should be based on the expected loading requirements, such as the weight of saturated growth medium, plants and vehicles; however, a minimum of 40 psi compressive strength should be used.

Penetrations deck Rise system

The use of electric leak detection see below is penetratoons for all systems. The leak detection wiring can be left in place so that leaks can be located in the future, without requiring overburden removal, though the presence of a root barrier or vapor retarder within the roof assembly may limit its effective use. Damage to membranes from improperly isolated wearing surfaces can be just as severe and destructive in the southern states as in northern climates. Where leak detection wiring remains, maintenance requirements shall include inspection and care of these systems.

There are few plaza decks that can be effectively designed without proper horizontal and vertical isolation combined with the other factors described above.

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There is syztem wide selection of materials available depending on the final aesthetic and functional requirements desired. High Voltage HV Testing: Because no consistent guidelines are available to the architect, each project is a novel design experience. It is recommended and required by some insulation manufacturers to include an aeration layer in direct contact with the insulation board in order to maintain long term thermal retention. Full compliance with manufacturers' recommendations and recognized industry standards is recommended, and should be reflected in the appropriate sections of the project specifications. The dryness of concrete substrates can be tested with simple poly tests ASTM D for moisture content.

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