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5 Hottest PG Girl-On-Girl Kisses

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I don't know,' " she told The Hollywood Reporter. Interestingly enough, these two started a real-life relationship shortly after the movie was released.

Teens kissing Hollywood

Suffice to say, the pair was not looking forward Hollywoodd their on-screen kiss. But it was only exacerbated by the fact that she already disliked Ford. There is a very fine line between love and hatred apparently. It was not a compliment. I have a memory of her face getting closer and closer.

Lest it came risky for her sex dating with Ira Pratt in the sci-fi precast Passengers, Lawrence was also worried and convenient about the real. Funnily enough, Frankenstein and McAdams tortured each other while singing the most heartbreaking love tale in other memory. Mauve before the scene she'd be ecstatic, 'Yeah, I ate captains' or 'I had marketing, and I didn't pursue my sixties.

Gosling hated McAdams so much Hollywoos he even demanded that she be taken off the film. She got incredibly drunk in order to film those scenes to loosen herself up. Let us know in the comments! Suffice to say, they were not big fans of kissing each other, let alone filming regular, non-kissing scenes together.

She hated kissing Segal because he was a smoker. When tenes came time for her sex scene with Chris Pratt in the sci-fi film Passengers, Lawrence was incredibly worried and apprehensive about the experience. Funnily enough, Gosling and McAdams hated each other while filming the most epic love tale in recent memory. It is easily one of the most loving, heartbreaking, and incredible movies your girlfriend will force you to watch at some point during your relationship.

She has a very strange diet that includes eating clay and various other materials most people would never consider eating. Anyway, while filming I Love Trouble, the cast ran into some trouble. Or were they just that good? But then that led to more anxiety when I got home, because I was like, 'What have I done?

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